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Girlfriend progress at 0% how to get it back up

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Denise's progress is so low that whenever I go to talk to her she dumps me. I dont know what to do I can't seem to do anything now. U remember that randomly driving around her progress bar would increase and decrease randomly. Is there any tip or tricks or places to go or specific times i need to be at a place in order for your progress var to rise just one simple percent. I can't lose her I want the car and pimp suit.

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I am unaware of any in-game strategy that can save Denise now that's she's got it in her head to dump CJ. Cleo mods, save editors or trainers can fix the problem.


You might be able to leave her unhappy long enough to get her car from the next girlfriend. You can't date Denise, but she's still active so she might be selected as the jealous girlfriend when CJ can finally date someone else. I don't remember for sure, but don't think they ever call to dump CJ; I think she'll just sulk until he shows up.


I take it that your CJ is still restricted to LS. If Green Sabre is complete, Katie and Michelle can be dated right away, you don't need to wait until after Are You Going. In fact, Katie, Michelle and Barbara are all available on a beginning save. Their cars can be collected without completing any missions. Managing the 4 star wanted level is... a whole new play style to learn, but it's possible. Perhaps Denise can be your excuse to step up your level of game play to 4-star explorer. It's tough to start, but a lot of fun, and becomes fairly easy with practice.

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Obb Porff

I did some research both in-game and net, and came up with this:


When the progress bar goes to 0% it means you cannot date her until you do something to increase your sex appeal in stats. It can be increased by doing the following things:-

1) Collecting all 50 oysters in game will make the appeal 100%. You can find a map of oysters online.

2) In case you are too lazy to do that, you will have to complete thw game till the homecoming mission. The expensive shops ( Victim and DidierSachs) will be open. Go and buy an expensive clothing that you like ( torso, legs, shoes etc.). Also get a nice haircut to increase appeal.

3) Alongwith no.2, you will also need a flashy car. Just jack one off the city roads🙄.


Good luck, you will need it.

and yes4) Body building will also increase 'the' appeal. Bring it up to at least50%

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There is an exploit you can use to raise sex appeal ever so slightly which involves adding and removing a single item of clothing from your wardrobe. This even works with the default white tank-top. I remember reading about it here but I'm unsure of how it actually works, or what percentage is raised. So far as I know, you simply remove it and select it to stack your sex appeal. This is how I managed to earn the trophy that revolves around sex appeal as I was frustratingly close but no cigar was to be seen.


It will be ever so slight, but maybe this will be enough to get you back in Denise's good books.

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I think this question is old enough that no one cares at the moment, but for future reference...


The wardrobe glitch is an effective strategy for boosting sex appeal so that the girlfriends are more willing to meet or go out with CJ. It is especially useful for meeting Michelle since the bonus from a vehicle's sex appeal won't work for her interior location. Most players tend to collect all the oysters, which reduces the sex appeal preferences for Katie, Helena, Michelle, and Barbara to a point where sex appeal doesn't matter any more. As far as I can tell, sex appeal is never a factor for Denise and Millie.


If Katie, Helena, Michelle, or Barbara want to dump CJ you might be able to fix them by collecting the last oyster, which sets these girls to 45% progress if they are below 0% at the time. Or, just let them dump CJ and go re-meet them at their original locations. I still can't find any in-game strategies to fix Denise or Millie once they've decided to dump CJ. Editors, trainers and cleo scripts seem to be the only option.

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