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Anyone have decompiled scripts that contain strings to use for


I suspect this is responsible for the 'tense' driving style you get when chased by the police, as well as motorbike riding styles from biker dlc.

Edited by darkphoenixxx

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Thanks, those contain the ones that are in NativeDB description, but not relaxed / tense ones.


Maybe i am wrong, and those states are different from CONTEXT.

Edited by darkphoenixxx

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You mean like this?

if (!func_766("ARM3_GUN")) {	ped::set_ped_in_vehicle_context(player::player_ped_id(), gameplay::get_hash_key("MISS_ARMENIAN3_FRANKLIN_TENSE"));	vehicle::set_vehicle_extra(iLocal_180, 5, 1);	func_114(10);}

I think you might need to look into where those are passed by params, instead of being just directly stated in the script. Sometimes, things are not always set out in completely obvious ways. You have to dig and backtrack through functions, to find where values are set and passed on.


Although saying that, in all the scripts, there doesn't seem to be that many occasions where set_ped_in_vehicle_context is used, so maybe it's not always done by script.



Edited by Guest

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Here's a dump of all context hashes


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Here are the names for the hashes:


These are the only ones used in the 1103 scripts. 0x0FB80930 is unknown.

Edited by sollaholla

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Thanks guys!


I have looked through the parameters too but they lead to the same ones, so i think the police one is done in some other way.

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