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FZ West hanger

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Abut time i get myself a hanger and i looked threw to see what ppl thought was the best one. FZ west looked to be that is it still the most preferred or has it changed for some ppl

Edited by CritGT

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West is best, don't worry about the crazy laser.

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Goldilocks Principle works well when buying GTA property;


Not the cheapest

Not the most expensive

Somewhere in-between


Main objective is to avoid the crowds but even so, it's a nice hangar with your own runway right outside.

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I was going to go for the West Hangar, but seeing how small and piddly the West and East Hangar's in FZ are... I just went and bought the middle one. It looks badass. I know they're all the same inside, but in terms of exterior aesthetics, the other two just look totally inadequate for a hangar potentially storing a load of war planes. I really wanted the more expensive LSIA hangar, because again, it looks intimidating and that huge number '1' on the front reminds me of a pod carried by Thunderbird 2. But the lure of access to FZ was too much.


I went against the recommendations against this hangar due to "crowds", but the thing is... all hangars are in close proximity to one another in FZ so you're going to get caught up in crowds, if there are any, either way. I took the plunge, bought the big 'un and haven't had a problem at all. If you have the coin and, like me, you must have the big badass looking one (not because it's the most expensive. Even if it was the cheapest, I'd have got this one), get the middle one!

Edited by DarkForkner

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