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"Pier 69" mission apparently not unlocked


Go to solution Solved by Frency,

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Hello, guys. I am a new member here, and I thank you in advance for dedicating your time in reading this. I will write something I already wrote on the Steam Forum that apparently got no answer (but, after doing some researches, I think I MIGHT have found the cause, but I am not sure). Here it is:


"Hello, guys! Thanks in advance for the time you are dedicating reading this.

I have completed every mission (except the "Zero" ones, because I red they were not necessary) and I just completed the "Ice Cold Killa" one. Howewer, for a reason I am currently not aware of, the "Pier 69" mission seems to not be unlocked, because I can't see any icon related to it on the map. So, I was wondering if actually I had to complete all the "Zero" missions as well.
have a good day guys, and, as I said, thank you in advance.
Edit 1: I have also never stolen anything from the courier everytime Caesar called me, if that can help".
My suspects are that this is a game bug that might force me to play the whole game again. I hope I am wrong though. :p
I started to think to get a savegame file from the internet that starts from the last mission I completed ("Ice Cold Killa"), but I am not 100% sure if it's a legal thing to do (even if on the internet it looks like there's no problem) and also it seems there are no savegame files for the Steam version of this game.
Have a good day, guys. :)



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1. Zero's missions are Not needed.

2. Ceasar's Drug runs are Not needed.


Look at the Street Corner across from Pier 69.

This mission is started after disposing of Jizzy AND getting his Mobil Phone,


Your operating system is?

The game you ought is?

NO modifications have been made to the Game?

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Please upload your save to GTASnP.com so we can view the mission analyzer report and try the save to see if we have the same issues as you - is it the save or is it your game? Sounds like a save issue though.


Cleo mods are the most likely suspect. Cheats and trainers shouldn't matter.


Try entering the area where the blip should be. Sometimes the the mission will start anyway as the blip doesn't actually do anything other than mark the spot. YouTube videos should be able to provide an exact position.


But if that works, you may have a problem with your blips. Can you place a map marker? Do all the expected blips appear if you start the NRG Challenge, or Hippy Shopper courier asset? It would be better to fix your blips before completing the mission so the next blip can get placed properly.


A glitched coordinate might lead to a blip in an unexpected place. Either X or Y or both might be glitched to near 0, leading to marker on the center-line of the map. If you can find the marker though, chances are it'll be to high or too low to access.


What else? I can't think of anything else to ask or try without looking at the save.


The Steam save version is officially version 3, but these saves appear to be 100% compatible with v2 saves. GTASnP and some save editors can convert between version 1 and version 2. So, basically, you've got your choice between any save compatible with standard scripts. But we aren't there yet. Sometimes the mission analyzer clears up any confusion. Otherwise, I've had some success tracking down issues with corrupt variables. If it's a simple error I might be able to fix it.

Edited by OrionSR
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  • Solution

1. Zero's missions are Not needed.

2. Ceasar's Drug runs are Not needed.


Look at the Street Corner across from Pier 69.

This mission is started after disposing of Jizzy AND getting his Mobil Phone,


Your operating system is?

The game you ought is?

NO modifications have been made to the Game?


Hello, lil weaseI. I followed your instructions and I discovered that it wasn't a bug, since there is actually the red circle for the mission. I assumed I had a problem because the icon on the map is not the "CV" but the Red one. I red on the internet that the mission was given by Caesar, so I didn't bother even for an instant to check that other red icon (called "Triade" in italian).


Thank you very much.


Here's the screenshot anyway:





Thanks to OnionSR as well for the detailed answer.


All is well what ends well, I guess... :D



Enjoy playing videogames and enjoy your life, guys! ;)

Edited by Frency
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