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GTA Underground FAQ


Recommended Posts

Frequently Asked Questions


* Updated for the latest version of GTA: Underground






Useful links




Spawn cheats



How to use: Press the W and S keys to scroll through the menus, press A and D to change pages and press Shift to select the prefered option.


  • carspawner - Spawn menu for vehicles
  • pedspawner - Spawn menu to change the player's appearance
  • weaponspawner - Spawn menu for weapons



Additional side missions in Snapshot 3


Vice City

  • Cone Crazy
  • PCJ Playground
  • Malibu Club Dancing Minigame

Liberty City

  • Gripped!
  • Multistorey Mayhem
  • A Ride in the Park
  • Patriot Playground


Adapted SA side missions + activities in Snapshot 3

Vice City

  • Vigilante (including Vice Squad variant + Brown Thunder variant)
  • Firefighter
  • Taxi oddjob
  • Paramedic | After 3.2 update
  • Arcade games
  • Pool
  • Basketball

Liberty City

  • Vigilante (including Vice Squad variant + Brown Thunder variant)
  • Firefighter
  • Taxi oddjob
  • Stadium Events : 8-Track | After 3.2 update
  • Paramedic | After 3.2 update
  • Arcade games
  • Pool
  • Basketball
  • Freight Train | After 3.3 update


  • Vigilante (including Vice Squad variant + Brown Thunder variant)
  • Firefighter
  • Arcade games
  • Pool
  • Basketball

Mainland Liberty

  • Vigilante (including Vice Squad variant + Brown Thunder variant)
  • Firefighter
  • Arcade games
  • Pool
  • Basketball

San Andreas

All of the side missions should work normally.


If any side mission is not mentioned on this list, it is not yet adapted & tested to work in all map areas, take that in mind. This will be done in the future though!

For a list of planned side missions, view this post:







Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is GTA Underground?
A: GTA: Underground is a mod which focusses on combining the maps from Rockstar's 3D universe. This means the GTA: Vice City, GTA: III, Manhunt, Manhunt II, and Bully maps will be implemented. Not only that, but it tries to implement all of the features these games offered aswell, in the same style as the original GTA: San Andreas content. This includes the vehicles, weapons, pedestrians, scripted features, interiors, shops, safehouses, weather, and much more.


Q: How do I teleport to the marker like in the dev videos?
A: That's a mod, which is compatible with GTA:UG, you can download it here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=7483


Q: Which song do you use for the intro on the development videos?

A: The GTA: V Flight School theme in earlier videos, the in GTA: Online Heists loading theme in others, and Kevin Macleod's Crypto in the latest ones.


Q: Will my GTA: San Andreas savegames work?
A: No, they won't. GTA: Underground uses a seperate directory in the Documents folder, and any savegames from SA will simply not work.


Q: Why are many rooftops in GTA:III not solid?

A: They are non solid in the original game and we have plans to make them all solid in an unique way.


Q: Will you connect all of the cities through landmasses?

A: Although we want to do this, chances are this will never happen. It's completely possible in technical terms, just not in terms of time.


Q: Why do you call releases snapshots?

A: Snapshots are alpha versions for an upcoming beta release (in the case for snapshot 3 it's a snapshot for BETA 1.0)


Q: Will you improve the airplane travelling feature?

A: Yes, one of the upcoming Snapshot 3 updates/patches will complete the feature.


Q: Bullworth/Mainland Liberty crashes my game on Snapshot 3 and/or on its updates!

A: We are aware of this and we will fix it at some point. It has something to do with traffic, that's all we know.


Q: Why can't I buy assets in Vice City? And why can't I buy Diaz's mansion?

A: You need to take over all of Starfish Island to unlock Diaz's mansion. Once purchased, you will be able to purchase assets which will allow you to make money.


Q: Does Snapshot 3 come with the offroad challenges from GTA: VC/GTA: III?

A: Yes! All GTA: III + GTA: VC offroad challenges are introduced in Snapshot 3, except the ones in Downtown. However, you need to practice on a bike to be able to play PCJ Playground as it's quite tricky to play (in the 3.2 update you will no longer fall off the bike but you'll still require a high enough bike skill to be able to play it)


Q: Any plans to bring back the San Andreas storyline?

A: As of Snapshot 3.3.11 there is no storyline you can play, but as of Snapshot 3.4 the San Andreas storyline will be available in the form of an optional mod you can install. You can't play using your stock GTA:SA saves, though.


Q: Why does Cesar keep calling me?!

A: Because that's a side mission. It's not a bug or anything, it's a side mission which has been fully introduced in the upcoming 3.2 release. On top of that, Cesar won't call the player when the player is not in San Andreas.


Q: Can you please change the defensive gang wars feature so enemy gangs from far away map locations won't constantly attack your turfs?

A: This has been introduced in the 3.2 update.


Q: Why not add the GTA: IV and GTA: V maps?

A: This project focusses on combining the 3D era maps as if R* were to make an expansion pack for GTA: SA, this excludes the maps from GTA: IV/TLAD/TBOGT/CW and GTA: V.


**More Q&A coming soon**







Other cheats
(all GTA SA cheats are compatible, cheats like "HESOYAM" and "UZUMYMW" work too)


How to use: Type the underlined cheats while in-game, be sure to have the latest version update.



UG cheats

  • BeamMeUpScotty - A special cheat (takes you to the moon) | Before 3.2 update: NeilArmstrong
  • SandboxMode - Gives you 500k, weapons, maximizes all stats, and gives you a lot of OP weapons | After 3.2 update
  • SpartanMods - Spawns UG Dukes
  • OhNoDontDoIt - Spawns the giant monster truck
  • AttackMyTurfs - Triggers a rival gang attack
  • CarSpawner - Opens the vehicle spawner
  • PedSpawner (SkinSelector in snapshot 3.3.3 and onwards) - Opens the skin selector
  • WeaponSpawner - Opens the weapon spawner | Fully functional after 3.2 update
  • RockAndRoll - Toggles an earthquake | After 3.3 update
  • IveSeenItAll - Removes the 'blue fog' covering the in-game map like everything is 'explored' | After 3.3.7 update


Compatible VC cheats

  • ThugsTools - Weapon set 1
  • ProfessionalTools - Weapon set 2
  • NutterTools - Weapon set 3
  • Panzer
  • TravelInStyle
  • GetThereQuickly
  • GetThereVeryFastIndeed
  • GetThereAmazinglyFast
  • RockAndRollCar
  • RubbishCar
  • GetThereFast
  • BetterThanWalking
  • BigBang | After 3.3.11 update
  • ALovelyDay | After 3.3 update
  • APleasantDay | After 3.3 update
  • ABitDrieg | After 3.3 update
  • CatsAndDogs | After 3.3 update
  • CantSeeAThing | After 3.3 update


Compatible III cheats

  • GiveUsATank
  • SkinCancerForMe | After 3.3 update
  • ILikeScotland | After 3.3 update
  • ILoveScotland | After 3.3 update
  • PeaSoup | After 3.3 update


Compatible LCS cheats

  • HoodsTools - Weapon Set 1 | After 3.2 update
  • FireworkCollection - Weapon Set 2 | After 3.2 update
  • TacticalGear - Weapon Set 3 | After 3.2 update
  • LetItSnow - Snowy weather | After 3.4 update
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