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[Question]Atually supercharged cars?

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Before I ask me question, a side note for those that don't understand the difference Turbo vs supercharged.

Turbo: this enables at a certain (depending on the brand/type of the car) engine RPM, often at the wrong moments, in my humble opinion.

Supercharged (or even hyperchargee for bikes): unlike the turbo, supercharging an engine is CONSTANT, even at .01KMPH/MPH you have the charger active, which is my absolute preference. I had a Mustang Super Cobra Jet V8 1969, weber carbs, "ultracharger" (as the previous owner called it, a self build heavy supercharger), thing pumped out a massive near 700 torque. been driving a Dodge Demon (owned by another friend of mine) at heusden-Zolder circuit, and man, does a supercharged (yes, the Dodge Demon does not use the rediculous Turbo system, but an actual supercharger) beat the block by FAR.


And here the question: is there a "truly supercharged" car ingame, and if so, which car would that be?

also, buying the supercharger from Benny's, does it do what it is supposed to do?


Thank you.



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IN this game, are you kidding me?

R/T2 are up to freemium thuggery, at best this "supercharger" resembles real one in appearance only.

Edited by ACM-Jan

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Then why add these if they do not work?


Man, the intellect at Rockstar is very hard to find, seems XD


Thank you for responding, ACM-Jan

Edited by =Sammy=

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