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[Mission Pack] The Torn


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Mission series status: FINISHED


Hey guys, welcome to my mission pack: The Torn, this mission pack is about the GSF known as Grove Street Families want to be at the top. Ballas and Vagos will be your most dangerous enemies. I'm working with two mission packs, The Torn and Fort Carson Stories. This DYOM will have 2 Chapters and 14 missions in this mission pack. Check more for story and characters.


You are a new member in the gang Grove Street Families, Headed by Sweet Johnson, Grove Street Families need to stop Ballas and Vagos and takeover the places. You are Sean Paul in the Grove Street Families, the gang contains operatives who do almost everything: Stealth, Assasination, Assault, Sabotages and the list goes on and on. GSF (Grove Street Families) is a small gang between Seville Boulevard Families, however Grove Street wants to be ice cold killers.


You follow Sean Paul through his short-lived carrer in the Grove Street Families. Paul finds himself in between crime and violence. he wants to use his skills being put the test againist Ballas and Vagos, and some Drug Dealers.

Character list:


Characters Name: Sean Paul

Characters Description: A man, who's want to be in Grove Street Families on the top. A killer. He's will be playable character

Characters Photo:

Status: Dead


Characters Name: Rick Thomas

Characters Description: A Sean's best friend, he's a helpfull member, he's will helps to kill your enemies.

Characters Photo:

Status: Dead


Characters Name: Sean Sweet Johnson

Characters Description: A leader of the GSF known as Grove Street Families, his brother moved to Liberty City.

Characters Photo:

Status: Alive


Characters Name: Brian Johnson

Characters Description: A gangsta of GSF known as Grove Street Families, he's a Sweet's brother, his another brother moved to Liberty City.

Character Photo:

Status: Dead


Characters Name: Unknown Balla Gang Member

Characters Description: A Balla gang member, his name is unknown, he wants Sean dead.

Characters Photo:

Status: Alive


Characters Name: Kane

Characters Description: A leader of the Balla Families, most dangerous man in the Los Santos

Characters Photo:

Status: Alive


Characters Name: Maddog

Characters Description: A raper of entire Los Santos city, he's working with ballas. He's your enemy.

Characters Photo:

Status: Alive


Characters Name: Anthony Harris

Characters Description: A good detective, he knows everything about the Ballas and Vagos

Characters Photo:

Status: Alive


All Missions:

ZIP FILE WITH ALL MISSIONS ---> https://www.mediafire.com/file/9tit5et55ce40zc/The%20Torn.rar

Chapter 1:

Vagos Compound: A first mission to destroy the vagos van, it has full of drugs, and they can poison Grove Street.

The Meeting: A meeting with Drug Dealers and Kane, Kane has a deal, but your task is to stop him.

Rooftops: Clear all HQ of Ballas and find all plans about the Grove Street.

No Way Out: An escape to the Ballas HQ, from police.

Let me Burn you Out: Anthony sends a coordinates, what happens next?

Incoming Dogs: Grove Street Families planning to go Ballas Mansion, But Kane, Maddog, knows it.

Plan's Rising: Grove Street Families is moving towards the ballas mansion, but Kane made a smart move.

Coma: Coma

Chapter 2:

Besieged: Rick is besieged by some Vagos and Balla members.

Killing for Drugs: A drug meeting with Ballas and Vagos members

Welcome home: Guess who's back?

Battle of East Los Santos: A battle with balla members and Grove, Seville members.

Brothers in Arms: Sweet is doing a meeting in Johnson's house, and ready to bust Ballas and Vagos.

Countdown at Jefferson: GSF (Grove Street Families) Is moving towards the Jefferson Motel to bust a Ballas.

Phrase Update list:

Phrase 1: Chapter 1 is completed, chapter 2 is in Work in progress.

Phrase 2: Chapter 2 is started in progress.

Phrase 3: Chapter 2 is finished to work, Chapter 3 is in Work in Progress

Phrase 4: Chapter 3 is started in progress.

Phrase 5: All mission pack is released

Edited by Martin_Strada
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Lol. All the pics are stolen from "The Invisible System".

well yeah, i need a screenshot of that character, but some images are maded from me
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So, you steal jimmy's images, his topic style and you expect people to play your MP. That's really sad.


And also, put spoilers on the status of the characters.

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Martin you're not compelled to design MPs every hour of the day. Work on advancing your skills then come to designing. If you're not a pro designer and you keep up posting low quality MPs your personality in this community will surely be under the zero percent. Work on your skills buddy.

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