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PM Issue - Database Error?



I use a PM with an inactive member to store ideas for threads I have and projects. One of these projects has been having issues to the point where any progress I make on it whenever I try to save the message it results in the following error (pictured below). I don't want to resort to using any of my old posts buried through the years to hide my project nor am I willing to keep my work unsaved in an open tab for days on end (which I've been doing for about a week and a half now...).

Any fix to this? I've tried copy & pasting the whole message and saving again, refreshing and even temporarily saving the project in an old post, closing down Firefox completely and then opening it up and trying to save the message again but with no success. Any help on this would be great. I've done a test and cut it in half and it actually saved so now I have to use two PM's and work between them which isn't that ideal..It seems PM's have a limit on how big a PM can be. Anyone know the limit on it?


Edited by livejoker

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2 answers to this question

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I mean if you're just storing stuff in plaintext you could use notepad

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Nah, it's got pictures and usage of BBcode. I could store it as raw BBcode but it's much easier to do it on the forum as it's already formatted to be thread ready.

Doesn't really matter if there's a proper fix now as I've saved it as 2 PM's. Just sucks that I have to do this work-around. :(

Edited by livejoker

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