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If i try to buy another hangar will it esell my old one?


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but you can only trade your hanger in when you've got no stock stored in your current hanger



Really so once you have purchased a SR plane or Heli you either have to sell that first or never move

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Really so once you have purchased a SR plane or Heli you either have to sell that first or never move



No, he means no stock to sell. You must sell your cargo first and once you swap Hangars, your stored aircraft vehicles will be automatically transferred to the new Hangar.

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clinical oppression

I'm going to do this afte the hunter drops and I upgrade it . Have all my other aircraft the way I want them, so when I do switch I won't bother buying the workshop and it's 500 daily fee .

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Bruh your title has a typo and your huge post was just "??", maybe at least put some effort into these things??

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I recently moved from LSIA A17 to FZ 3499 and my planes and choppers transfered over to the new one, but I had to sell all my cargo to be able to buy the new one.


I also noticed you can't buy the new hangar until you've got enough money to buy it and you get the trade-in money for the old one after the purchase...


In my case: when the dlc dropped I've bought LSIA A17 (1,2 mil) and upgraded it with the Aircraft Workshop (1,15 mil). After some time I wanted hangar FZ 3499 (2,6 mil) so I saved my money up to 1,5 mil to buy it (expected 1,1 mil as return on LSIA A17) but the game said that I didn't had enough money. I had to save up to 2,6 mil to be able to buy FZ 3499 and after the purchase I received the 1,1 mil of trading in LSIA A17...

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