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Legalization of illicit drugs


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Mister Pink

For those of you interested in the war on drugs and the prison industrial complex, please check out this documentary.

This film won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2012 for Documentary.  



Edited by Mister Pink
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Evil empire

Legalizing a drug should only be done when forbidding it wouldn't prevent its consumption and the negative consequences that go with it.


To be allowed to consume a drug the potential consumers should prove they aren't a danger for the rest of society (they don't become violent, won't drive while they don't master their vehicle and so on).

Everybody should consume with a total knowledge of the risks so when a potential consumer is allowed the person should be informed of all the various risks and their likelihood to happen due to the person's particularities.

To make sure only those authorized have access to the drugs the consumption should take place in special watched areas.



Unfortunately since a big part of the bosses and politicians are psychopaths this wouldn't serve their interests : the more consumers they have (including those who threaten our safety) the more money they earn the more the state can demand an electoral financing since countless countries don't give all the parties the same financing, the mroe the state can also demand corruption bribes disguised as professional commissions especially when there's no financial transparency and when no la prevents the cumulation of an economical and a political power (even if democracy is based on the separation of the powers).

The more people feel insecure the more they are likely to renunce to their freedom in exchange of a protection which serves the interests of the enemies of people.


EDIT: Since the health is an inalienable right and since the risks caused by the drugs' consumption comes from a personal decision the consumer should receive a health care financed by the companies and themselves depending on their risks and revenue.

Edited by Evil empire
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It would take volumes of text to discuss the legalization of illicit drugs...especially when it comes to the US.  I'm not sure our wacky culture is ready.


I live in a pretty puritan state.  Its only been recently that you could buy beer on Sunday.  Bars are closed on Sunday, etc etc...


We recently got (well controlled) medical marijuana.  That is a fun side story too.  I'm convinced the states just can't resist the money so they do what they can to pass the bill into law.  When our medical mj started it was only topical oils and vape.  After it was in action they were able to add in all the other products up to smokable bud/flower(as they are required to label it).


So anyway, the governor of my very puritan state just put out the call to legalize recreational use.


That is kinda huge.



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Legalizing and regulating all drugs should be something done in the far future. Drugs are bad but it's someone's decision to take them or not.

People who are addicted to drugs shouldn't be considered criminals and should have access to free rehabilitations.

It's stupid how marijuana is still illegal in the majority of the countries of the world. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol and can cure cancer, SIDA and chronic pain.

Legal marijuana would lower the pharmaceutical pills companies profit, and lobbies exist, so that's the ridiculous reason why is illegal in most countries.


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4 hours ago, Liberty-TG said:

Marijuana ...can cure cancer, 

No it can't. Cannabinoids can slow or halt the growth of cancerous cells in lab conditions but the trials of drugs derived from cannabis have so far not demonstrated any such effects.

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I agree on that legalizing drugs provides several benefits: controlled production of narcotics which insures high quality of such drugs with no unknown additives (e.g. ecstacy containing more than just MDMA, impure cocaine), optimized outreach to addicts and resources to rehabilitate them properly (e.g. though drug taxes), government controlled production of drugs lures users off the black market, reducing the drug sales from criminal organizations, hence reducing crime to some extent.


While objectively these benefits can be in great favor for society, I subjectively don't approve of the use of narcotics. Yes, I consider cannabis an equal to alcohol by its recreational use, and others will make the same parallel to cocaine, amphetamine etc., but I'm not in favor of people using it - it shall not become the norm. Though I am fully aware of how excessive use of cannabis can be degenerative, so do hard drugs just more effectively. I have witnessed first hand how friends (including my ex-girlfriend) lost themselves to narcotics such as cocaine, amphetamine and MDMA. 


Liberally speaking, it is not my decision to decide who consumes what, but it becomes my problem when it starts affecting me.

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  • 1 month later...

This thread is probably worth a bump since Oregon voted to yes on Ballot 110, which decriminalizes possession of any drug within a certain amount. It is specifically not legalization, but rather the correct step in adjusting from our current view on drug use. Aside from shifting the onus of drug rehabilitation away from policing, Ballot 110 was written with the intent to remove a punitive attitude towards drug possession in general (key note: possession with intent to sell and possession in a quantity higher than for personal use are still felonious or a criminal misdemeanor, respectively). The Oregon Criminal Justice Committee estimates that incarcerations will drop from the 2019 figure of 4,057 to somewhere around ~370 in regards to illicit drug possession. I think the important takeaway here is that this is the first piece of state legislation that is both addressing the problem of addiction from a public health perspective and separating the function of police from being overly brutal foster parents to those who have, by circumstances unknown to us, become chronic users of everything from opiates to psychedelics.


This kind of nuance is absolutely necessary in moving forward with the nation's ongoing stalemate w/r/t policing. By redefining what constitutes criminal behavior and illicit drug use, we can focus on actual programs for rehabilitation and reintegration into society. It also ensures less chaotic engagements between police and inebriated civilians--a circumstance which lends itself to injury and harm, usually on the civilian end. In any event, I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

Edited by Tyler
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