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[Suggestion]: Compressing the MP3 (MPEG-3) audio files to M4A (AAC)

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Hi for all, I was analyzing the audio files of the Underground folder and noticed that there is a way to let the much lighter game in time to make the transfer without losing its sound quality.

It is the conversion of MPEG-3 audio files (.mp3) to AAC - Advanced Audio Coding (.aac or .m4a).


Notice the information of this song in both formats:

In MP3 (original):
And in aac (converted)
Comparing the two files, the compression of the AAC is 81,40% more efficient compared to MP3, that is, if 100% is the size of the audio file in MP3, the version converted into M4A only occupies 18,60% of the original file it on disk.
Working directly in the Underground folder, where the audio files of the mod are located, the comparison is as follows:
At first it is good to clarify the amount of files in the folder from 48 to 47. What happens is that inside the folder "sfx" there are two versions of the file "lift_bell", one in (.mp3) and the other in (.wav).
In making the comparisons, the folder "Underground_m4a" is 52,44% lighter compared to the folder with the original audio files in (.mp3).
This is a huge benefit for the mod when it is compressed and ready for download, first of all that logically the download of the mod itself will be faster due to the size of the compressed file and secondly, if this technique were applied to all the files of audio from GTA San Andreas, it would be possible to share the mod already installed inside the game and ready to play.
Analyzing the game, GTA Underground, I noticed that it has a mod enabled in the Underground Core, which is the Advanced Track Player. I researched the mod and learned that it supports this type of audio coding, however I did not test it yet. If this idea works, it will be a big update for the next snapshot.
What do you think of the suggestion? I'll be reading and taking away all doubt as possible. :)
Thanks and sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian. :p
PS: I saw the topic of suggestions, I did not post there because due to the amount of information it would be nice to open a new topic to debate only this subject, if it is out of the rules can remove or move the post to the suggestions topic.

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