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Does anyone actually like this game?



83 members have voted

  1. 1. Did you enjoy GTA:A?

    • Yes, it's great!
    • Hell nah, screw that.

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  • 4 weeks later...
JaeDan 101

GTA: Advance is boring, the game is so simple

It got the worst graphics than GTA 1 or 2


this is my opinion so don't debate me

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  • 2 weeks later...

Never played GTA, GTA2, GTA: London 1969 or GTA: London 1961, but... GTA: Advance is the worst GTA game I've played so far (I didn't even start Cisco's missions and I became sick of playing it), and DEFINITELY one of the worst GBA games of all time. Hell, most of the GBA titles I played, though most of them not being open-world, are way better (or funnier, or both) than this sh*t, which include: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Inspector Gadget - Advance Mission, 007 - Everything or Nothing, Pokémon (Fire Red and Sapphire editions), Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, and Star Wars Trilogy - Apprentice of the Force.

My reasons for this foul distaste with GTA: Advance are:

. The map: with those strictly 90 degrees streets, I couldn't get used to this new Liberty City, and making my way through the streets was a pain in the ass. Was it so difficult for the developers to recreate exactly the locations and orientations of the streets to match those of GTA: III and GTA: LCS? Note: I definitely DON'T THINK SO

. Drive-by's: the incapability of performing a drive-by is very annoying when trying to do vigilante missions or to destroy getaway vehicles in storyline missions. They could have disabled weapon change while inside the vehicle, so L and R could have been used to perform a drive-by with the Mac-10, you know. Or at least there could have been motorbikes, in which the player could shoot forward like when driving a firetruck.

. Locations of buildings: since navigating around the map is way too difficult for EVERYONE (c'mon, dogs, don't bullsh*t me), finding buildings like the police station and the hospital in Portland (I still couldn't find them in Staunton Island) is pretty worse. And don't tell me to use the coordinates system, looking where the hell I am every 5 seconds isn't at all my idea of a good gaming experience. By the way, while doing vigilante missions I couldn't find the police station to replace my almost destroyed patrol car, making these missions really hard.

. The story: it's plain and simple, could be portrayed in a 75 minutes film, if not less. And that movie would be an absolute failure, not selling any tickets. With a protagonist not willing to say a single word (don't tell me he's mute, it ain't true), GTA: III has a much more complicated story and background than this cr*p. So...




Though, I might give it a try at the 3D version made as a mod for GTA: III. The story could be the same, but maybe the other problems would be solved. That, of course, if anyone gets into it and finishes the mod, the last developer was banned for what I think are no-big-deal reasons.

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