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Pushing Look L+R activates Sub-Mission (PC)



If I am in a car and push and hold the Look Left and Look Right keys at the same time, the camera looks backwards. Of course, I do this often to see if I'm being followed by police or other enemies. Now, if I hold both keys and push Enter to exit the car (on purpose), then release the Look keys, the Sub-Mission key shall be "pushed" at the moment of release. In a police car this activates the Vigilante mission, and is super annoying if triggered by accident at high level of this mission.


The same happens in "San Andreas" too, so I don't think this is a bug of a specific version. I experience it more often in Vice City because I must use the look keys more in the absence of mouselook and usable Backspace (single key look reverse). As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter which keys are mapped to the actions. They could be keyboard keys or mouse buttons (I use MMB and RMB for this and Numpad * for sub-mission). There doesn't seem to be any obvious connection between these keys.


Why does it happen?

Edited by j7n

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3 answers to this question

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The script interprets the look-behind key on foot and the sub-mission key in car as the same key. The script wasn't written well enough to distinguish between the two when you are exiting your car.

Edited by spaceeinstein

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faulty keyboard triggering accidental key presses?

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No, I can reproduce the command reliably without even touching the keyboard (by releasing mouse buttons). My guess is that some translation is happening inside the game which makes several key combos equivalent.

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