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Adding other mods (Cars, bikes etc) to UG?

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How do I add other mods to Underground?


I know that the gta3.img is locked, and that the "custom_mods.img" is supposed to be the place to put other mods..

But when I try to add files in that archive, IMG-Tool says "Access violation at address 00460026"


As I have asked dkluin about it in the main UG thread (TWICE) with absolutely no respons at all, I hope that you guys can give me the answer or tell me the right way to do it.


Is it recommended to use any other tool than IMG-tool? In that case, which one?


Have a great day everyone :)

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Use custom_mods.img, you need to add this entry to the top of gta.dat (it's located in your data folder) like this:


Then add your mods to this IMG archive.

Edited by dkluin
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  • 1 year later...

IMG Factory did not crash, but all that is written in there is "Translated Text Not Found".


I did what you just said. I used the custom_mods.img and added the entry. To no avail, nothing happened.

Edited by SanAndreasAgent
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  • 1 year later...

But for some reason, if I installed the custom mods on the latest snapshot 4, the game crashes when I spawn them and modded cars are not found in the usual location like they just disappeared.

Here are the minidumps, any help would be appreciated:




Edited by SonicFan99
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