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What reaction did you have to Mori?


Mori reaction?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. What reaction did you have to Mori?

    • Fun to hate
    • Get off my screen

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Some villains like Hans Gruber and Darth Vader you love to hate and look forward to seeing them. Some are just plain annoying or disturbing and you want them off your screen (like Vickie Guerrero from WWE). Which one was Mori for you?

Edited by Gokuzbu
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It's kind of both for me really? I hate him a lot but watching Brucie punch him is always satisfying, and for fanworks I just kinda wanna make Mori everyone's punching bag (not necessarily a literal punching bag, though some people do physically hurt him sometimes when they're sick enough of his sh*t).


Makes me wish that we got to see Niko interact with Mori onscreen too. Niko wouldn't stand for Mori's bullsh*t, and probably wouldn't take too kindly to Mori calling him and Roman "immigrant scumbags" either...

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  • 1 month later...

I'll also have to go with get off my f*cking screen!...or better yet...get off my f*cking game! Arrogance is such a huge turn-off, even moreso when they can actually back their sh*t up.

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Lemoyne outlaw

neither. i really liked him. he was funny. he reminds me of doflamingo from one piece. i wish we had more missions for him.

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Lets face it, Mori has a napoleon complex. He tries to make it up with his douchebag personality. Another great character with polarzing effects.

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