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How to save Michael's Premier, Tailgater, and Trevor's Bodhi.

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This is simple.

If saving Michael's Premier:

I wanted to save this car for uae after Monkey Buisness and here's how.

Just before Caida Libre I had Michael bring his Premier to Franklin's house. I had MIchael exit and leave the car for Franklin to store in his Safehouse Garage. Note: It only wirks for Franklin's Vinewood Hills house.

If saving Michael's Tailgater:

Same as the Premier just before The Time's Come.

If saving Trevor's Bodhi:

Same process only this time use Michael.


Using Trevor to save Michael's cars ia NOT reccomened for the following reasons:

1. If the cars are saved at Floyd and Debrah's condi they will dissapear if not moved elsewhere before Caida Libre.

2. If parking Michael's cars at Trevor's trailer's garage a glitch may happen where they dissapear.

3. If saving any car as Trevor never use the Strip Club patking lot at the trailer garage glitch may happen there too.

Also if Trevor's Bodhi is saved it must be parked at a safehouse garage.

Hope this helped as I will post more help topics like this so leave suggestions in the reply section!

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Couldn't you just use the interior garages though?

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@D9fred95 Any of the Playable Protagonist's cars with the acception of Michael's Premier cannot be stored in purchased garages or the free separate ones provided on last gen.

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