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Help on the mission cop wheels.



Ok so I'm playing a non modded GTA SA on PS2, haven't used 1 cheat the whole time I have owned this game. Every time I get on the 4th bike it says they need to be in working order which they are. This has happened to me on the PC version before. So no it's not a mod or cheat issue. I really would like some help as I am trying to 100 percent the game. Thank you.

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2 answers to this question

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lil weasel

The pattern for collection is

1. The Hospital.

2. The Police Department

3. The Hotel.

4. The Police DUI stop.


Cop Wheels: (Weapon suggested is the Desert Eagle, one shot one kill).

  • Start with the Hospital. Ram the driver off the bike (or shoot him) and steal it.

    Drive to the Safe House that’s just up the street.

    Change CJ’s shirt.

    Get back on the bike and head for the Truck.

  • Next is the Police HQ. (DON’T shoot any cops) Grab the bike.

    Turn right out of the plaza and right again at the corner.

    Drive straight. A tiny Chapel is in front of you and just to its right is a JUMP over the fence to the Highway. Drive to the Truck.

  • Next, Drive along the Highway until you see a bridge. Drive up to the Bridge and climb over the wall/hedge next to the Hotel. Run toward the motorcycle. The Cop will try to drive away, Shoot him. Get on the motorcycle and drive to the overpass. There is a gap between the bridge and hedge/wall. Go through it. Drive to the Truck.
  • by the time you catch the truck and load the motorcycle you will be near or next to the Last bike. Run (on foot) up the embankment Jump over to the motorcycle and steal it. Don’t Shoot the Cops.

    As you drive down the truck you will see a Bribe star under the bridge. Drive through it and continue on to the Truck.

  • You’re Done. The wanted star(s) are removed.
Edited by lil weasel

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Thank you so much.

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