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PC Problems

Big Bubba

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hi. ever since I cleaned my laptop's built-in keyboard with alcohol, it stopped working. I can't type with it and I have to plug in external keyboards to type, only problem is whenever I'm typing something it types backwards. i have to use a reverse text program. another problem I have is my pc highlights everything on the screen if I click something on my desktop, like a program. anyone know how to fix these problems? They're really annoying and I'd like to know whats up. thanks

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i think cleaning it with alcohol might have something to do with it

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what alcohol did you used? Vodka?



by any chance did you used alcohol with the computer turned on? jokes aside you can clean it with everything you like, even vodka, as long as you remove any residues in the end and give it some time to completely dry out any electronic contacts before turning it on, there shouldn't be any problem.


external keyboard typing backwards, you may need an exorcist...

Edited by HaRdSTyLe_83
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Except that alcohol can wear out (or rather erode) some stuff if used frequently. It's definitely not recommended for cleaning displays for instance.


The type of alcohol that's used for cleaning electronics is isopropyl (preferably 99%) because it evaporates quickly but I am not sure how safe that is if you use it frequently. Any stuff that's glued for instance might get unglued.


The typing behavior suggests that you have some stuck key or something. Either that or malware.

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