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Pretty old accounts for GTA4 (my research)

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Hi to all!
In this topic I want to publish my research of a very interesting thing.
A couple of years ago I bought GTA4 and EFLC in the Steam. At this moment I get most of the achievements in this game on my GFWL account. But since I'm a fan of the game, it seemed not enough to me. I wanted to have a "beautiful" RGSC profile. To my surprise, GTA4 did not shown in the RGSC account after linking my GFWL account to the RGSC account.
In the "Games" section, the checkbox opposite the GTA4 is not checked.
But if I click to the game, then my GFWL achievements are visible there.
I read the forums and learned that this is due to the closure of the GameSpy servers.

Grand Theft Auto IV / GTAIV Complete / GTA Episodes from Liberty City

  • Online multiplayer gameplay: Unaffected
  • Social Club website stat tracking and leaderboards: Removed
  • In-game multiplayer leaderboards: Removed for PlayStation®3 version only
OK. It says that we lost statistics and leader lists on the RGSC website. But not information about purchased games (game pictures)!
As far as I was able to find out, the game pictures appeared not right away, but only after entering the multiplayer with the linked GFWL account and the linked RGSC account until 2014 (because previously the RGSC account was required to enter the multiplayer).
My friend has a profile with GTA4 game pictures. He helped me to conduct the experiment.
He unlinked the GFWL account from his RGSC account, and the pictures on the RGSC account were lost.
Next, he created a new RGSC account and limked his old GFWL account to it. Respectively, the pictures appeared.
From this we can conclude that the game images are attached to the GFWL account!!
And the mechanism of assigning pictures to the RGSC account works normally.
In the GFWL profile of my friend there is a certain property (let's call it "pretty old"). RGSC sees this property and assigns the game picture to the account.
But how do I get game pictures on my RGSC account? I can not use someone else's GFWL account, even if I find it. Because GFWL account is MY personal, all MY achievements are in my GFWL account.
I have an idea.
If there are pretty old GFWL accounts, then there are pretty old PSN and Xbox accounts. Here's the proof. These people are linked only the PSN/Xbox account, but they have game pictures.
So, I can link someone else's pretty old PSN/Xbox account for the appearance of pictures. At the same time, my linked GFWL account will show MY achievements.
Here I was faced with another problem.
Nobody sells their personal PSN accounts, only stolen accounts for downloading games.
Nobody sells their personal Xbox accounts, only stolen "public" accounts.
What do you think about the above material?
Also, where can I find websites selling personal PSN/Xbox accounts?
Edited by M0ZzZgG

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You don't have to triplepost just for bumps.

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If no one is interested in your content bumping it won't create interest.

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