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Classic AXIS

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13 hours ago, Qamok said:

GTA 3 issue


1.) So when that mod is activated i actually can't left any car in garage because when i try to go back after parking car, Claud just go forward instead backward. And when i try to immediately drive with reverse gear, Claud get out from the car.

2.) Transition between foot and driving is also very raw even if i turn off free camera while driving.

3) Tere is no option to shoot on the side of the car just by moving camera on that side like in ThirteenAG Cleo script. Still have to push LB/RB even if camera is  already is in side position.

4).I dont see any auto aim while playing with gamepad, it weird because in basic mode direction of shoot determinate right moving stick instead camera stick like in zooming mode when for aiming responsibility is right stick.

5.)While driving after not touching at all right stick, camera not follow the car itself. It necessary to all the time operate it not only when it needed.It should be by default automatic and when i start use right stick, released. And after a while automatically smoothly go back to default position. Just like in SA. 

1) use classic scheme controls or cleo scripts that disables that camera
2) u can try ps2cam by FireHead http://mods.rockstarvision.com/yolklov/IIIPS2Cam.asi

3) better to refuse camera movement with gamepad , it has many issues

4) cuz it hasnt autoaim , only vc has that option in the ini

5) same as 3)

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Bayek De Costa

Can you make this mod for gta3 with only vehicle camera movement?

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