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Sooooo is there any way to safely land the Alpha?


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It's even hard to land this thing on a runway, let alone on a street. Any trick to it? Or is it basically a one-way-trip?

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Never mind landing, I'm having trouble just keeping the thing airborne, especially on race settings. Talk about twitchy!!

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As soon as your about to touch down, push your nose down, that will stop you bouncing back up.


You risk destroying the engine though, if it catches on the ground. Had that happen a couple of times.


Honestly, just hold the left trigger (brake) all the way. I've found that the way you generally land a plane in real life - adjusting the throttle to keep airborne whilst reducing height, and then "hovering" right over the runway until you've lost almost all your airspeed and risk stalling, just before setting the aircraft down - which generally provides a smooth and quiet landing - is a technique that can be used in this (as well as the NX-25 Howard) for sure.

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Well this is disappointing. I really liked the look of the alpha but if I can't land the damn thing (seems like a common issue with the new planes) then I don't want it.

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- Shut down engine before touch down

- Let it touch the ground by itself: NO going down manually

- Once you're rolling, wait for it to stabilize (plane leveled, all wheels on ground and rolling)

- Start braking

- Leave the plane, think how good that landing was, come back on the forum, and start bragging

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It probably IS the hardest aircraft to land right now, to be fair.



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It probably IS the hardest aircraft to land right now, to be fair.




I was kind of expecting a scene of fireballs and burning wreckage, kind of what I've been experiencing with the Havok recently.


But this is actually much more useful.

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I don't find it difficult to land, other than needing a longer distance than most aircraft to run out after touching down. It's much like the Ultralight in that the trick to landing is cutting the engine completely, because it glides very nicely (unlike most aircraft that plummet like rocks once the engine cuts out). Like the Ultralight, just make sure to touch down gently to avoid bouncing back into the air.

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Nah you guys are overreacting. Just land it like a real plane (and buy armor upgrades)

I only crashed it 2 times so far

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Yeah if you do plan on landing this in really short areas, you may have to just stall it and let her drop and be prepared to take the damage.


Some pretty bad attempts right here, but still doable:



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Try landing the starling anywhere other than LSIA.


I have actually messaged rockstar asking for plane parachutes so that planes can land and take off again.

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