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Editing characters


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I was thinking about tweaking my character. However it seems you have to pay the $100k just go into the editor. So even if I decided not to change anything and just backed out, I'd be $100k down – is that right?


Also, if you do make changes, is there an undo option? For example, if I changed a few things and then decided I didn't like it, could I go back to my original character or would I be stuck with the edited version?

Edited by Milesinho
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The game tells you that you'll be charged $100K even if you make no changes, but this isn't true. You will only be deducted $100K if you actually make any changes to your character.


There is no undo option. I recommend taking screenshots of your current character settings so you can just replicate them again if you don't like your new look.

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If you want to change your Main character and don't already have a secondary you care about you can use a little Glitch/trick to edit totally for free. If this is not the case skip my reply.


1- Simply create a character in the secondary slot, take a few minutes to level it up to level 6 then back out of GTA Online into Story mode.


2- Next you want go back to "choose character" in the Options menu under the online tab. Once you are in the character selection screen click on the one you brought to level 6, don't do anything else yet. After a few seconds a message will appear asking you if you want to change their appearance, it will be your only chance ect. DO NOT press anything and simply plug out your connection to your modem router or sign out if you are on XBOX One/PS4.


3- After you were prompted to return to Story mode re-establish an internet connection and go to the choose character section again but now click on the one you wanted to tweak the same message as earlier will appear asking if you want to change your appearance ect. this time go ahead and proceed.


Hope this could help.

Edited by Brick Top
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