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Random mouse freeze when trying to export a vehicle


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I am having a problem with my mouse. Sometimes when I attempt to export a vehicle the mouse stops moving. This happens when I go on the laptop at my garage, choose a vehicle to export, then select the commission I want, and as soon as I do that, instead of taking me to the part where I modify the vehicle, it instead takes me back to the screen to choose the commission & the move won't move. I have to press 'p' on the keyboard to get out. To further complicate this matter, this happens at random. I don't have problems with the mouse elsewhere in the game, The only time it happens is when I try to export a vehicle. The mouse works perfectly in other games and applications in Windows 10.

My mouse is made by Logitech (model m215), & I went to their website to see if they had an update for a driver, but all they listed in the downloads section of their support site for my model is that software is not needed, so I assume that it's using the driver provided by Windows 10. I tried going to the device manager & update the driver, but I already have the latest one. Is this just a random bug in the game (this problem has happened before the Smugglers update, so that rules out the update being the culprit), or has anyone else experienced this happen to them?

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Tried uninstalling the driver and then restarting the PC to let it re-install the driver itself automatically?

Mightn't help to be fair as it could be an in-game issue.

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I've tried that already and it seemed to be doing fine for a while, but the problem just happened again now, I guess the only way to deal with this is to bring up the pause menu, exit the garage & then go back in the garage & try again. The problem vanished after I did that.

I tried asking Rockstar about this, but since I play on PC< they require that I include both a DX diagnostic & a system information report before I can submit the support request. I seriously doubt those 2 reports have anything to do with my problem.

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One more thing...

In the game's pause menu, go to Settings > Keyboard / Mouse and try different "Mouse Input Methods". If it's already on DirectInput, change it to Raw Input, etc.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Seems to be fine now. Now my keyboard randomly stops working when I press keys, yet it works fine everywhere else, LOL. Why me? :p

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