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[#20] Customs, Cruisers, and Classics feat. Voit's Garage ๐Ÿš“


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(Cover photos provided by: mggames100, voit turyv, mattoropael, audi, maxxi, d.b. cooper, icedree, and caysle)

Welcome enthusiast to issue #20 of Customs, Cruisers, and Customs!... I mean Classics! Did no one notice the previous Issues title? It was totally done on purpose! :p No new vehicles were added this week but that's alright! We still have @Professional Amateur reporting on the aircraft's we have available down below in Aviation News. I hope you all enjoyed his great report last week and learned something new! We of course still have the wonderful snapmatic showcase, pin-up, pure sound video, and of course an interview with our featured workshop, Voit Turyv's Garage! I'm sure we'll be getting a new vehicle of some sort next week, but I have high doubts that it will be both an aircraft and a car.


As promised, to thank the supporters of CC&C I've decided to give away a $20 code to either Gamestop, Amazon, PS Store, or the Xbox Marketplace for Issue #20 (view giveaway details in Issue #19)! If you want to be part of future giveaways, simply be a noticeable supporter and I'll be sure to make something happen for all of your efforts.

And the WINNER is...


@Audi! Please PM me within 48hrs of this post with the following details, what country you're in and what you'd like the $20 code for!

I recently picked up another gig as the host of GTAForums Snap Battle! Can anyone guess what the theme might be for this season? That's right, Vehicles (aircrafts welcomed!) There will be Officially Licensed GTA merchandise as prizes up for grabs and Medals will also be handed out to the winners. There will be three categories: PC, CG (XB1 and PS4), and LG (X360 and PS3) and a winner will be chosen from each category. I will be working on getting it up and running as I am writting this so be sure to check back in a bit if you do not see anything posted by me in there yet! If you have any questions regarding Snap Battles, I'll be happy to answer as best as I can.

(Click photo for link)

Thank you very much for your continued support of CC&C, please Enjoy!


The LF-22 Starling


(Photo by: @CrysisAverted)

Continuing Rockstar's lineup of rocket powered vehicles is the LF-22 Starling, a fully rocket-propelled fighter-bomber aircraft. The Starling's rocket produces a small amount of thrust, but the rocket boost is required to get to takeoff speed. When the booster is activated, the Starling accelerates incredibly quickly, even accelerating faster than jets like the P-996 LAZER and Besra. Unlike the Rocket Voltic and Oppressor, the Starling's rocket boost recharges slowly in the air and recharges very quickly whilst on the ground, whilst the other two "rocket" vehicles need to make contact with the ground for their boosts to recharge. The Starling's rocket boost can also be activated freely and doesn't need to be fully charged. It also boasts good gliding capability, but it is important to note that if the rocket motor is shut down whilst the boost is activated, the boost bar will still drain as if the rocket was ignited.

The LF-22 can be upgraded with an advanced rocket motor, a bomb bay, missiles and countermeasures, but the machine guns come stock and cannot be upgraded. Like the Rogue, the Starling is also a fairly competent fighter aircraft, but you'll need to either get lucky with a missile or get consistent hits with MGs since it lacks cannons. The machine guns seem to be similar to the MGs on the V-65 Molotok in terms of damage output, but they're placed in the inner wings of the LF-22, as compared to being mounted in the nose for the V-65.

The LF-22 Starling is heavily based on the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, a German bomber interceptor aircraft deployed in small numbers during the second world war. Unlike the Me 163, the LF-22 Starling features fixed landing gear and horizontal stabilisers on the tail of the airraft.

It can be purchased from the Warstock Cache and Carry website for $3,657,500 and is discounted to $2,750,000 after 15 successful Air-Freight Source missions. Only experienced pilots should apply, as like the real thing, the LF-22 can be quite fatal upon landing.

The Western Rouge


(Photo by: @JohnGazman)

This is the Western Rogue, a turboprop trainer turned light ground attack aircraft. The Rogue is one of the most versatile aircraft of the Smuggler's Run update, with room for a passenger, a bomb bay, missiles, countermeasures and either machine guns or cannons that fire explosive rounds.

Don't let its predominant ground attack role fool you though; the Rogue boasts a fairly high speed and good manoeuvrability which, when paired up with cannons, gives the Rogue an ability to fend off aerial attackers and continue on with carpet bombing spectators. You'll need to adjust your aim though; the Rogue's gun pods are mounted towards the outer wing. The cannons do the same amount of damage per second as the cannons on the Hydra. Unlike the V-65 Molotok, however, the Rogue's missiles can only be rapid fired two at a time.

That is a very small price to pay though, and quite literally, as the Rogue can be purchased from Warstock Cache and Carry for $1,596,000, or discounted to $1,200,000 after 9 successful Air-Freight Source missions.


The Western Rogue borrows the fuselage of the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II, whilst the wings and tail section are borrowed from the Embraer EMB 312 Tucano.

The Rogue's description is perhaps a nod to the original T-6 Texan and also the modern T-6 Texan II, as it mentions that onlookers may see it as an old-school WWII trainer in the distance. Is the warbird-inspired styling enough for you or are you waiting for the thoroughbred WWII fighter, the P-45 Nokota? Either way, this plane will surely bring a smile to both watchful onlookers and the psychopath at the controls.


@leerocklord - Grotti Visione


- Bravado Slamvan


@PoisonedGas - Mammoth Mogul


@Kushology - V-65 Molotok


@Chronic - Ocelot XA21


@JoonasPRKL - Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic


@Zoobz - P-45 Nakota


@OVO - Grotti Visione


- Vapid Hotknife


@the_potato - Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic


- V-65 Molotok


@TG_Stig - Pfister Comet Retro


@MGgames100 - Coil Cyclone


@BengeyBoy - Pfister Comet Retro


@Slasher - Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom


@einjzmolf - Declasse Tampa


@EVOLUT7ON - LF-22 Starling


@LokDog - Vapid Retinue


@Shaundi. - Vapid Chino Custom



In each issue aka Arthur Fookin Shelby, will have the tedious job of picking a weekly pin-up girl for the readers pleasure enjoyment joy! The photos will always be work safe but put in spoiler tags so you may have the option of viewing them whenever you choose; or don't click it because y'no, you just wanted to strictly see cars :cool: !

This weeks pin-up girl is:

Lais Ribeiro ๐Ÿ’‹






Each week I will feature a video clip of the pure sound of some of the best sounding cars/bikes to ever grace this planet! The videos will always be put in spoiler tags so you may view at your own time and to avoid mobile users from accidentally clicking the play button when scrolling. Time to tickle your brain with the vibrations of
The Song of my People!


70's Plymouth Barracuda AAR rumbling around!

**I have no affiliation with the authors of the videos provided in this feature**




Our featured workshop for this week is @Voit Turyv's Garage, widely known for their law enforcement vehicles in GTA V! We learn about their love for law enforcement vehicles, the process it takes to get them into the game, and more! Please check out Voit Turyv's Garage for all of their latest releases and current projects!
Can you tell us a bit about your Workshop to those that aren't familiar with it?
My workshop revolves around improving base vehicle models and applying miscellaneous modifications to them, such as law enforcement conversions. I work with GTA V.

How long have you been into vehicle mods and when did you get started?
I started in February 2017. Having installed a big, heavily advertised mod - Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) a few weeks earlier, I quickly grew to appreciate the amount of details that went into vehicle models therein. However, I found a few model bugs, reported them to the creators, and was invited to become a beta tester of RDE. I realised I would need to raise my qualifications therefore, I obtained the chief GTA modelling programme ZModeler sat down and just kept learning.

Your workshop features primarily American and law enforcement vehicles, can you explain your affinity towards them?
I have been fond of police vehicles since the original Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I installed a mod that made them playable in career mode. A few years later, I enjoyed being a cop in NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 and I found myself replaying police chases often. Only recently has RDE made me appreciate police vehicles as a whole. This, combined with me preferring not to break lore when I mod various games and the fact that modellers appear to steer clear from lore-friendly police sports cars made me realise someone had to fill in that niche. Fate chose me. In addition, American law enforcement vehicles are incredibly intimidating - their sheer size is what gets me.

I agree on the intimidation factor! I hate seeing a black Charger behind me!
Do you normally take vehicle request? If yes, what is your most frequent request?
I rarely get any detailed requests and I usually dont take them, although I assisted in one project. It was Boywond and KermanRB12s Elegy pace car. I was asked to model an accurate lightbar for it its supposed to resemble the Nissan Skyline pace car from Gran Turismo 4. I received comprehensive instructions on how the lightbar should be set up. Once the modelling side was finished, we asked 11john11 to provide an accurate lighting setup for it. We all found the result satisfactory; its picture can be found HERE.

What is the typical process of getting a vehicle and livery made from start to finish?
What I do first: find a vehicle that needs to have its base model improved. That includes correction of texture and model errors, adding more details to both bodywork and interior, or even more advanced tasks such as remodelling certain parts or livery support. The last part is critical for any police or racing vehicle, since it allows to put custom-made liveries and skins on it. Once those changes are applied, a series of in-game tests must be performed in order to provide answers to questions such as: What does it look like in game? Does it work as intended? Did my modelling programme break anything during the process? and so on. As for the liveries: I design California law enforcement agencies liveries fit to in-game lore usually centred around Los Angeles. In a nutshell, it looks like this: I paint necessary sections black and white and fit decals and stencils on various bodywork parts; sometimes I conduct some research to determine how certain livery details should be handled. However, I leave more complex designs to professionals.

Can you share with us what projects you have going on currently?
Apart from constant improving of my already released mods, I am currently working on a certain Italian sports car. Ill provide details soon.

What got you interested in cars/bikes?
I have always like cars. I think its natural. As a child, I used to skim through automotive magazines, usually looking at pictures.

How long have you been into the GTA series games?
The earliest I can recollect is since around 2002. I started from GTA2 and GTA Vice City and just kept expanding to other games in the series.

Is there anyone that you would like to play from GTAF?
Quite a few guys that are only on consoles or the ones I didnt otherwise meet on PC during my Online days: Classique, Happy Hunter, Mach1bud, WildBrick142 just to name a few.

You're invited to a car meet, do you participate or pull everyone over and give tickets?
I participate. There is no point in giving tickets for improper parking on a car meet.

What a good sport, I thought you'd be having supers with white walls impounded!
What is your favorite vehicle in the GTA series of all time?
Hard to pick, but every incarnation of the Infernus so far has been great.

The Infernus is also my favorite! Ever since Vice City.
Is there a vehicle from any GTA series that you would want to see return?
The Deluxo. There have been a few missed opportunities to bring it back to at least GTA Online.

What is your favorite car or bike in real life?
1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. I used to play Lotus games on Commodore Amiga 500+ computer as a child and I was delighted to see the GTA version of the car reincarnated as Ocelot Ardent.

As an enthusiast, what is your biggest automotive pet peeves seen within the car community? ie: I hate really cambered cars! People who call themselves car people but hate on other foreign brands! etc
General animosity towards super cars. I get that GTA Online suffers from an overabundance of them, but there are still some real-life supers that haven't found their way to GTA for unknown reasons. The most cited example I know is Ferrari 458/488.

Can you name your favorite car/racing game of all time?
Burnout: Paradise. I finished it three times. Its extremely fast-paced and damage model still looks spectacular by todays standards. I can only wish for a sequel and a proper programme to rip vehicle models therefrom. An honourable mention goes to Carmageddon series for its simple and satisfying formula.

You have great taste! Played and loved both series myself!
Do you use any vehicle type mods (wheel packs, vstancer, etc)?
Usually, I dont. My current sessions are measured in minutes which is enough to test out my vehicles or other mods. But if I decide to play for a bit longer, I tend to install well-made lore-friendly vehicles (such as IVPack or Vanillaworks content). MGgames100s vast collection of custom wheels has caught my attention, too.

Do you use any other type of photo editors or graphic mods?
No, I dont. If I need pretty showcase pictures, I ask my friends that do to take some nice screenshots for me.

Is there anything you would like to see be added in GTAF in the future?
The dislike button. Sometimes ignoring a questionable piece of kontent is simply not enough.

Any other comments or shout outs?
First and foremost the RDE team: they motivated me to keep on learning the ZModeler. Some RDE individuals Id like to mention: Dilapidated, Fenton, 11john11, NefariousBonne, Roland, Yard1. You guys rock. A big shoutout to the whole Vanillaworks team and their associates as well, such as KermanRB12 and MGgames100. Im really glad to cooperate with both teams. GTAForums guys and gals I respect such as Classique, _CP_, The Deadite, Happy Hunter, Mach1bud, Quinn_flower, Silent, WildBrick142 and some others I couldve forgotten anyway, you know who you are!

Exclusive snap provided just for CC&C!
Thank you Voit Turyv for that awesome interview! Please continue the great work over at your workshop!

[table] ๐Ÿ“š Previous Customs, Cruisers, and Classics Issues: #19, #18, #17 ๐Ÿ“ท Want a better chance of your snap to be featured? Share them here! Vehicle Screenshots: Custom Rides & Garages ๐ŸŽจโ“ Looking for a factory color or need something custom tailored? Kustom Crew Color Requests ๐Ÿ’ก Have an idea for a vehicle you want to see added to GTA? The Vehicle Wishlist and Speculation Topic๐Ÿ‘ฅ In search of a Car Meet or want to host your own? Find Lobbies & Players ๐Ÿ“ Interested in being interviewed or want to promote your Workshop?
๐Ÿ’ฌ Questions, Comments, or Feedback? Contact: @V4S ๐Ÿˆ [/table]


See you next week...


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Professional Amateur

mrw waiting for cc&c to drop






I hope my essays haven't put too many of you to sleep!


Oh and congrats to Audi!

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My prevailing thoughts on C,C & C:



audi if you dare spend that 20 on a shark card


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I'm glad we were working together, I hope we can do something more interesting in the future. Thanks, Voit!

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It was fun giving the interview, I encourage y'all to read it. :D

Also, I can't help but notice my LSSD Bullet in the opening picture. :whistle:

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Always a fun read, I love this serie. Thanks for the feature! :cookie:

Edited by OVO
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Nice read, but isn't the slamvan a vapid and not a bravado?

Thank you for the correction, you're right! I think I had the Rat Truck in my mind and got them crossed by accident! I'll just leave it because I hate the "Edited by" line.


**Also I had to cut a few snaps from the snapmatic showcase because there is a image limit in a post unfortunately. hence why the release of this issue was a little late today. I requested the cap to be raised so we won't have this problem again. The snaps I had to cut from this week will be featured next week (pending the approval of the cap being raised).


Thank you for all of your support! I hope to see you all in the Snap Battle! :D

Edited by V4S
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Another good read, great work ๐Ÿ‘Œ.


I'm still at work but I'll pm ya when I get home.

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Great work! So much eyecandy and the post is nicely done! Keep it up! :)

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Nice shots. Long read this time around. I love old Mopar so that sound was an eargasm.

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As always, very nicely done! :)


I love the attention to detail, the writing, and of course, the great selection of pictures! I don't know quite that much about cars or aerocraft, but seeing this is always so very sparkly and I definitely look forward to seeing many more issues in the future; ui, ui, ui! :D

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Dear Customs, Cruisers And Classics magazine,

I am hereby sending you this official court room paper alongside a court room date under section 2B of the "Carstitution" in which it reads,

"Any magazine who makes their readers splooge on their laptop from intense visuals such as pictures or videos are obliged to replace said technological setbacks that may have befallen upon a person."

I am suing your company for damages done both to my laptop and my genitals, for both have been thoroughly used whilst reading your magazine. Failure to appear in court on the noted date will result in immediate forfeit to which you owe me a new laptop and a ride in an Adder.

Kind regards,

A longtime fan.

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I am suing your company for damages done both to my laptop and my genitals, for both have been thoroughly used whilst reading your magazine. Failure to appear in court on the noted date will result in immediate forfeit to which you owe me a new laptop and a ride in an Adder.

Dear liverjoker,

Please don't sue my tiny magazine stand -the rent is high enough as it is. I certainly could not afford to buy you a new laptop nor the court fees that would pile up overtime. I'm just a fluffy cat that sniffs too much cat nip.


Please accept my gift to you, Shop Towels.


We use it around here for grease, oil spills, and even the occasional human bodily fluid spills. Its very tough and absorbent as the packaging states and could potentially help with cleaning up your laptop today and help you with future needs. We thank you for your continued support of CC&C. Please come again!

Edited by V4S
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