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force_spawn is not working - San Andreas


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I added some basic car generators, but the force_spawn doesn't work. The vehicle's will spawn correctly, but never immediately.


I set the vehicles to spawn just outside of the safe houses. Whenever I load a saved-game and CJ walks out of the safe house, the vehicles are not spawning. I still need to go away and come back again to get them to spawn.


Am I doing this correctly?


014B: $10952.25 = init_parked_car_generator #RCCAM color 0 0 force_spawn 0 alarm 0 door_lock 0 min_delay 0 max_delay 10000 at 1672.841 -2087.033 13.55435 angle -135.0
014C: set_parked_car_generator $10952.25 cars_to_generate_to 101


Otherwise, there are no problems. The game is not crashing.


Thanks for any help.

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014B: $10952.25 = init_parked_car_generator #RCCAM color  0  0 force_spawn 1 alarm  0 door_lock  0 min_delay 0 max_delay  10000 at  1672.841 -2087.033  13.55435 angle -135.0014C: set_parked_car_generator $10952.25 cars_to_generate_to  101

Change the setting listed after force_spawn to 1. In general, a setting of 1 should make the statement True. A setting of 0 would mean force_spawn is disabled. This hasn't always been true but most of the commands these days have been renamed to reflected this logic.


Added: $10952.25? I haven't seen globals like this before. I trust you've got something worked out for this.

Edited by OrionSR
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if you put force spawn 1, the vehicle will always appear, and if you put alarm 1, when you get in the car it will trigger the alarm, getting even more realistic.


I did a little video on parked cars, see how it got



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Thanks for information about changing it to "1".



Added: $10952.25? I haven't seen globals like this before. I trust you've got something worked out for this.

I used BW's GTA SA Mission Builder version v0.33 to decompile the MAIN.SCM file. I added about 10 vehicle spawms. I named them $mycar1 thru $mycar10. After I compiled then re-opened that file, they had been renamed to different numerical values: $10980.5, $10952.25, etc.

I don't know why it did that.


Also, on vehicle spawns is it possible to have a specific radio station turned on (WCTR, SFUR, etc.), or even have the radio turned off completely?


And when I tried to add a custom license plate to a PCJ-600 (using 09E2: $mycar5 = parked_car_generator_w_numberplate), nothing happened. It was still a regular license plate. Is it possible to change the plate on the PCJ-600?


I did successfully created a custom license plate on an Infernus and a Voodoo. However, when created a custom license plate on a Barracks, it only changed the front license plate and not the rear license plate. Is there any reason why it did that?


Thanks again

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Interesting. Usually when a player creates custom variable names without declaring them in CustomVariables.ini the game will compile to the first available unnamed variable, $4, and work up the list from there until flow control variables start to get corrupted and the game breaks.


No, sorry. There are no settings for radio. I think the station is chosen based on the popcycle for the zone but I haven't looked into it. Car generators offer very little in the way of features. Besides messing with alarms and door locks, you could set the cargens to player owned so CJ doesn't get a star when a cops sees him enter the vehicle for the first time. If you want more control over your parked vehicles I suggest a strategy that uses a cleo script to spawn cars when CJ is near.


Custom plates can be finicky. There are only 15 slots and 11 are used by default, in case that's a confounding factor. PCJ's and other bikes and many cars never display a custom plate (rules for PCv1 unmodified, btw - PS2 is different). Some cars don't have plates, others just don't work right - like the Juniper Hill Bullet at the Burgershot. Other cars, like the SF Gym Banshee, will only display custom plates if the rear bumper is damaged. Cars like Sweet's Greenwood can't display their plates when the bumper is damaged. Campers and Hotdog, maybe, display their plates backwards - mirrored. Custom plates only on front or back is another variable, I can't think of any examples though.


pdescobar compiled a list of vehicles and their plates but I lost track of it. He wasn't tracking issues with damage parts though, so it would have been incomplete anyway. I am unaware of any other reference for plates. I usually have to test them directly.


If you want your plates to function "properly" then install the SilentPatch. It looks like Silent has managed to fix all the odd issues with custom plates.

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