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Rockstar supposedly implemented the stealth modification of CPRE and FTFR into the vanilla game.

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I'm the guy who picked up the mantle from BobJaneTMart to continue the dev of Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement, through Fine Tuned Felony & Response.


Today I've finally updated my game to 1180.2 and troubleshot my way through making all my mods work. After doing that I started playing around and noticed something absolutely odd. I thought that all my .rpf archives were untouched, but I was surprise to see how extremely similar the police was to what I've done on FTFR. Continued to test more and more and everything was like FTFR to the point I thought I didn't delete everything before updating...


I'm very tired and will test everything out next week but I've been on 944 for so very long and never saw any such changes on vanilla files.


- Cops despawn much much farther away (introduced in FTFR in May 2017)

- Much shorter identification range (cop's invisible vision cone for when you're hidden in a vehicle)

- Animals can't report you

- Stealth kill are stealth kills, you need to be reported to have a wanted level

- Much better balance on cop spawn count


Can anybody confirm this on console? Am I dreaming? Has this been around since ages and have I been doing a mod that's completely useless?


To properly test, get a wanted level, find a new car (hidden/grey blip), and drive half way through the cops vision cone, you shouldn't be seen if they did change things out. Also, go very far away from a cop that is investigating your last known position, and face his direction, if you need to zoom out on the minimap to see him, it means they did change things out.

Edited by The_XXI

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Animals reporting you was fixed in Ill Gotten Gains I'm pretty sure, to the other stuff I'm not sure yet. I've been playing on an unmodded version lately and I do notice I still get a wanted level instantly and not via "Citizens report...".

Edited by oCrapaCreeper

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Cutter De Blanc

Haven't noticed a difference and two kills in a row still instantly nets me a wanted level, reported or not

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