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Lifestyle DLC Idea

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This a DLC idea that I came up with, I was hoping rockstar could use some of these ideas. Please enjoy!


1. Ability to buy and customize a mansion and houses.Includes 5 bedrooms, a guest bedroom, 5 bathrooms, 5 lounge rooms and 5 wardrobes. Plus a tennis court, arcade room, fitness room, bowling alley and basketball gym. Plus a indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub. Includes a 30-50 vehicle garage and the ability to throw parties and have people live on your property and charge rent.


2. Party Bus- Buy the party bus and throw a party or cruise around the city. Ability to add a bar change the color and customize it.


3. Custom Mod Shop- Buy the custom mod shop and get access to custom colors with multiple new color wheels, create liveries and pearlescents.


4. New Website- This new website allows you to trade your vehicles. You can trade multiple vehicles in one trade.


5. Opening interiors- These interiors include Bahamas mamas west and more.


6. Plastic Surgery Business- Customize your player in this new business, make your player unique from everyone else's, this way there will be more unique players and no two players will look the same.


7. Illegal Tunnel Systems- Meet with Lester in the tunnels and buy access for a small amount of money. Once you have access to the tunnel system you can buy new clothing, get new modifications for weapons and much more.

If you pay an extra fee you gain access to the gun bench and weapon creator, the gun bench allows you create custom colors and liveries for your weapons.

The gun bench allows you to create your own weapons each weapon that you create costs millions of dollars. Change the barrels and various parts of the weapon that you create, each part changes the stats of the weapons.


8. Own business that you create or work for existing business like burgershot and more. If you choose to create a business you have to pay a price to create the business and a rent of a few thousand dollars every real life month. When you create a business you can create custom clothing, logos or create vehicles that you create change the parts and the parts change the vehicle. You can then sell these items to other players.


9. Get a girlfriend, NPCs or real players. Go on dates and more😄😄😄


10. Cruise Ship- Extremely large 2 times the length of the air craft carrier, and the ship includes 10 floors. Each floor includes 10 bedrooms, each bedroom includes 3 bathrooms, 1 wardrobe, 1 lounge room and a kitchen. Each floor includes 3 custom strip clubs, you create the design, rooms, dance floor and the girls, 5 girls per club. On the top deck there is 5 helipads, 1 pool, 1 hot tub and a go cart racing track on the top deck, compete with your friends. Plus a clothing store,ammunation and convenient store. This ship is drive able yourself.


11. Rich mans Submarine- 5 bedrooms with amazing views, 2 bars with various drinks and a dance club where you can dance and party plus a club that includes custom girls that you create yourself.


12. Rail gun- A wealthy man always needs a rail gun to protect himself.

The rail gun has been featured in multiple adversary modes, so why not add it.


13. Flamethrower- This weapon has been featured in previous Gta games so why not add the flamethrower.


Thank you very much for reading this please do your best to tell others about this DLC concept/idea thank you and let's hope rockstar uses this.

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Ok,so we have an GTA NEXT wishlist,you know that right?

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Yeah, don't repost a thread after a staff member has told you what thread to post in, please.



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