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Femme Fatale

Was there supposed to be a pop station?

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Femme Fatale

According to the beta hunters, Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani was supposed to be in the game, but it was deleted. And according to the very unreliable GTAWiki, it was supposed to be on The Vibe, but that doesn't make any sense since that's an R&B station, and Hollaback is a pop song. So, that makes me wonder, was there supposed to be a pop station on IV? Or perhaps R* didn't care about the different genre, and decided to throw the song in there, only to drop it entirely. They've done it before, Goodbye Horses(Would you f*ck me? I'd f*ck me)isn't really classic rock, but they included it in LRR either way.


Also, inb4 B Dawgy Dawg says "Who cares? That song is sh*t, it's good that they removed it." Or something like that. :pp

Edited by Femme Fatale

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Only real pop station on GTA4 is ViceCity FM hosted by Fernando, it plays a lot of 1980s stuff, i dont considered anything 2000s real pop music.

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according to gta wiki head radio was meant to return



  • Head Radio is one of three radio stations in the GTA series to cross universes, the others being Radio Los Santos and WCTR. The station was due to appear in Grand Theft Auto IV but was dropped during development.

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Johnny Spaz

Yup, Head Radio (RIP)

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Femme Fatale

Hmm, then perhaps that's where they were going to include the song, moved it to The Vibe when the station was dropped, then removed it altogether.


It sucks that the station was cut, it would've been nice to hear Michael Hunt again.

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