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(Ps4) KingPin Security LS [KING] Recruiting Now!


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KingPin Security Los Santos


Hello guys. Im 22y old -Have a mic and im very active Leader of this Crew. sometimes i gotta work tho too


First of all, the crew is NEW i would like alot if some guys of u Start this crew with me together and help out with being a Co-Leader.



If u hopefully like join:



Age: 16+

Mic : Must Have

No serious insults to crew Members




What i like is that we all help eachother with Selling our warehouses when they are full.


We have an Whats app chat group to stay in contact outside of gta 5 if u like to join for Infos of the events i make from time to time.


(Races and so on ,with Money rewards and evry 2 months a 20 PSN store card for the winner of an Race i make.) I will give out the date of the Psn card event out soon as we are some more players.



U can still play solo mostly while being in the crew and teamchat , its just good to have the option and contact to crew members if somebody wants to start some heist or mission together.


U will have more Trust and Power if ur loyal and High rank ofc.


I will always appreaciate any advise or help that u have for the crew. Changing Emblem that i Painted or any stuff.


Hopefully this will be a active and Full crew.




My PSN: hom0frosch525


No im not Gay.It just means GayFrog in German.


U can add me with comment Crew if u like join.

Or Write here if u have Advises and questions.



Edited by Uncle Sikee Atric
Merged SC link
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we are 2 players now looking for more! We are Active , make heists ., missions and help eachother alot :)

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Please can you limit your bumps to once per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.




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