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Gta Vice City 3D RIPPER DX

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hi guys im having a problem with trying to capture textures and obj from the vice city of pc version,with 3d ripper.i have 3d ripper 1.8 and directx 9. i know vice city ask for 8.1 directx.

i have windows 8 64 bits.and directx 8 ask for windows xp and 2000.

just wanna know if there is a 3d rippers for 64 bits.


hapenned 2 things. first of all,i changed vice city compatibility to xp service pack 2 and 3 both,but 3d ripper doesnt start it.it says unable to create process.






secondly,when i dont change compatibility and launch the exe,show me an error about vice city exe couldn't start correctly.




last thing i did was move the VC folder,in x86 program files,to de PROGRAM FILES only.but nothing happens.just the same as before.if i change compatibility,3d ripper launch error and if i dont,the exe gives error.

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why are you using 3dripperdx? just use txd workshop/imgtool

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slump,i already know that.but i wanna see the 3d object.the DFF not the textures.I already have img tool but for DFF doesnt have preview.first it has to be exported and is a lot of time.

i tried img tool and workshop.

finally i tried game archive viewer but it gave me ACCESS DENIED.so i dont know.the good about game archive viewer is than i can view DFF, TXD, binary IPL and COL files without extracting them from archive.

i have windows 8 64 bits.

slump can you test it to check if is an OS issue please? i downloaded from here,and tried 3 versions.none worked out.



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Works with III/VC/SA ^





Works with III/VC, different 3d camera controls.


The second one can be used to simply view any dff in the gta3.img, and if it is defined by an ide entry then the 3d model will also be textured too.



Edited by Frank.s

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apreciate the help frank but i only wants a LIVE viewer.i tried the moo but for all the dff i need to select it and go to second view.i just want a program like game viewer


But gives me error,maybe cuz i have win 8.anyone here have xp and can try it please?

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Maybe this should suit your needs.

really apreciate it ermaccer,but i wonder why the hell this is happening.im sick of it.this windows 8 have more issues that i trough =(



ermac i hope you can help me,a lot of tools had this same problem.access denied!!!.if you have win xp could you try this tool please? the one you gave didnt work neither.dont know why.



EDIT:OK so i downloaded again the whole models folder from internet on this page one by one and worked!!!!

just ajusted the coordinates and depth in the program to have a proper rotation on z exe.

so everything fine for now

here i donwloaded



here the pic =) https://ibb.co/d0FDYk


And a gif i did with giphy https://giphy.com/gifs/GiE52tTE7XMmk/fullscreen

Edited by cooperr

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