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King Rossey

How does Hangar Aircrafts work?

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King Rossey

I know I can put this in the question section but it's flooded with stuff so I apologize.


So far I am aware that my savage in my hangar is separate from the one I call in from pegasus correct?


What happens if I take my dodo to the hangar, customize it and then remove it from my hangar? Does the pegesus version still remain the same or will it be my customized one? Can anyone clarify this for me?

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Pegasus will always be the same and always remain.

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Arrows to Athens

The Savage in your hangar is now your PA (Personal Aircraft). Whenever you want to call this Savage in, you will either want to go all the way to the hangar or simply request it via the 'vehicles' section in the interaction menu - then select it through the 'special aircraft' option. Upon requesting it, it will spawn in a suitable nearby location where there's enough space; however, you won't be able to use your PV if you're in one, since it takes it away from you when requesting it.


As for the Dodo, if you remove it from the hangar, it will still remain in your Pegasus list, though it won't be the customised one, as the customised one is meant to be your PA, and it can only be a PA if it's in your hangar.

Edited by Arrows to Athens

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King Rossey

Okay thanks!

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