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I only have a couple mil..which bomber would you suggest I get?


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I was thinking of the Starling (hello, Clarice) once I got 15 smuggler missions done. What do you guys think is the most fun? I don't think I'll be able to afford the Hunter, whenever that becomes available.

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First off all: pole position!!!


I would wait for the hunter, try the sourcing missions so you can see how the vehicules are and then make your personal choice because theres been lots of complaints with the aircrafts handling...

Good luck

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I don't think I'll be able to afford the Hunter, whenever that becomes available.


Other than the Hunter requiring two people for max potential, I'm sure you'll have saved an extra million by the time they release it.





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The Wandering Hunter

wait until the dripfeed is over. in the meantime unlock all the discounts (42 collections)

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Honestly the only one I like right now is the Tula


It's a bomber, and it has a machine gun. No missiles but that's okay bc it has a big machine gun on the back a second person can use


It has jet assisted takeoff and can switch between plane mode and helicopter mode so it can be landed and take off anywhere.


It can also land on water.

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I don't own one yet, but it's the best buy by far...


Cheap, explosive rounds, missiles, cluster bombs and flares. It got lots of costumizations and it's a two seater, but all the weapons etc. are controlled by the pilot.


It may take a while to get to full speed, but it's fast enough. And the handling is somewhat to get use to, but yeah, it's only $ 1.2 mil...

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I agree with jamsroob. I think the Rogue is a good starter plane. It has all the stuff on it like he said and actually is a really decent price.

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