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Should we be able to sell businesses


Business buy sell options  

87 members have voted

  1. 1. What businesses would you sell

    • Smugglers
    • Gunrunning
    • I/E
    • Bikers

Recommended Posts

We have Bunkers,Hangers, I/E, MC clubs. All of which can generate money and all of us have preferences.


I doubt that all of us use all of our Orgs everyday or at once. And with so many Orgs to play with, isn't it time for R* tp let us let go of stuff we no longer want. We don't even need loads of cash for this, just an ability to remove feature we no longer play or no longer want to play.


MC biz is fun if you only play the missions. But grinding for cash and those sales are agonising slow unless you get good ones. Hanger in free but with lots of steal missions and potentially bad sale missions. And so on.


All biz have prons and cons.My argument is that after so long, and so many updates, players should be allowed to say, yeah, I bought that, but I no longer use it. let me sell that.


Now, as I said. I no longer use MC club. But I used the hell out of it during the 2 double money missions events. Great fun, great profit. But I wo't ever use it again. And if I do, my fault for missing out.

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Yes, but rockstar would never let us. We should also be able to sell pegasus vehicles and garages/apartments too.

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Well bikers business for sure, to little profit if I run it solo cause mine is bugged. However I do use MC to spawn in bikes quickly or return cars 2 storage and sell guns cause asociates get a higher cut. Smuggling depends also, the business side ill never use again cause ive done my 42 missions for discounts. But Ill need the hanger for further modification of aircraft and to keep my Zancudo clearance.

Edited by Bobfakkel
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Really want to get rid of the biker stuff on my sec char with the glitched supplies. Also want to sell the large crate warehouse that I almost never use. :/

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I'd sell of my vehicle warehouse and would at least like the option of selling my weed farm. I hate doing IE, no matter how easy the money is, because it's so damn redundant. I'd rather a longer grind that's more engaging and varied than cheap overpowered AI guarding simple fetch quests.

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A good poll, it will be interesting to see which businesses people like/use the least, although I'd have added the CEO crate warehouses to the tally. I'm definitely part of the group that no longer touches crates, having found much more fun stuff to do and gotten the desktop trophy we wanted.


I'd also trash the two biker businesses I tried - they were never much fun to do missions for, kept me from using the CEO benefits of a free Buzzard and more, and a source of constant irritation from LJT until I glitched them to make him shut up. Heck, I'd even get rid of them for no money, just to clean my map icons up, since I never use the MC stuff anyways except to request a bike or return a vehicle to storage instantly.

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Yes, but rockstar would never let us. We should also be able to sell pegasus vehicles and garages/apartments too.

I came here to say this.

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This falls into "why can't we sell our apartaments" question.

And the anwser was already given many times (which i missed, but im still ok with it).

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I'd like to sell my bunker and MOC.Since I only play in invite only,I just bought them to customize my APC and Insurgent Pickup (I was also hoping a bunker would have some missions I could play in invite only,like how MC clubhouse has clubhouse contracts),but now I got no use for them at all,I can't even store those two vehicles in the bunker.Not to mention that I spent a few millions on a bunker and MOC,I'd like if I could get at least part of that money back.

Edited by GTA-Biker
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Bikers because postal vans. I'd literally rather have my bollocks shut in a door than i would ever get postal vans again.

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None of them have much replay value and over-the-top AI just ruins the whole experience. The novelty of these businesses wears off very quickly, leaving nothing but a tedious grind.


I'd sell them all if I could.


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I would sell the biker content as it is buggy and not profitable doing solo.


That and I would like to sell my apartments as my CEO office has really reduced the amount of garages I need.


If I had a yacht I would be wanting that gone also

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I got all my biker businesses up to maximum capacity, I was getting ready to sell them - registered as President, then I got the "Defend your business". Cocaine lockup - BUSTED. Damn. As soon as I spawn at the police station, I get another LJT call, "Defend your business" - counterfeit cash - accidentally smashed my bike into the police outside - BUSTED. Then I get an unprecedented THIRD CALL, this time for my Meth. I manage to stave off the attack, then I went to sell. Post Op vans. One of the drops, it wouldn't even go up the hill, I rage-quit and shut down all my MC businesses.


Goodbye LJT. You won't be missed.


If I had the chance, I'd sell them all back. Hell, I'd sell them all back for cents on the dollar. I'm so done with MC businesses.


As for Import/Export... Though I do see the financial benefit of selling cars, it's just so played out now, I'm done with it... I'd probably keep my Vehicle Warehouse though. I'd also keep one Large Cargo Warehouse - sell the rest.


I like my bunker, I'd keep that.


Hangar though... Nah, I'd sell that too. On the condition that the stock vehicles become Pegasus available though.

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Never gonna happen. Rockstar benefits from draining bank accounts, not from easy replenishment by selling stuff ppl don't need anymore since than might postpone buying sharkcards..

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Personally, I wouldn't sell any of my businesses.


The Hanger is my most prized position, I always wanted to customize my airplanes & helicopters. I'll never get rid of it even if I could & I don't care if I make money off it or not.


The I\E business is my primary money maker.


The Bunker sales support my I\E business & holds my MOC.


The Crate business paid for my empire & my 5 warehouses are strategically placed to double as sanctuaries from cops & griefers.


I never invested in any Biker businesses.


Apartments on the other hand ...

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I`d sell some MC businesses, like the document forging one. I've shut it down, after realizing it's more hustle than moneyflow. Plus Long John Silverdong is super annoying.

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Yeah of course we should be able to, and I even have a solution that would keep the Shark Card peddlers at Rockstar happy. You sell the business and facilities to other players at a marked down price. Rockstar can add some bs sales agent fee to ensure that the person selling doesn't get quite as much cash as they should but end of the day the person buying the property or business still has to have money to buy the property, only they won't need quite as much.

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The MC business is one of my worst purchases I have made so far. Being able to sell any business would be a great benefit to everyone that has buyers remorse.

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yes we should, I would sell my office with everything it has in a heartbeat, if it could keep only the garage or if not place it into a shut down type of thing and make the office icon dissapear from the map that would be everything I would want from online, anything that has to do with crates/ source/sell all of this tedious unfun trash sh*ts on my mood.

Nope, too much money for you then, and Rockstar doesn't want that.

f*ck that I would give my office and wharehouses to charity, girl scouts make cookies and meth in them, idgaf, I just want them gone, gone you hear me.

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I would like to sell my weed farm. But that's it as far as property goes. I like my clubhouse, it's essentially a cool grungy apartment in Grapeseed that comes complete with it's own barmaid. It also free's up space in my main garages by storing my bikes. I still enjoy doing the contracts sometimes & they pay pretty decently too, plus one of the missions gives me free Molotov's.


Because we can't get rid of stuff I've always tried to be careful with the things I buy.


We know R* won't allow us to sell this stuff. But tbh I would be happy enough if we just got a remove option instead of a way to sell things. So we could get rid of property, pegasus stuff, clothes, accessories, BUT we didn't get any money back.


R* may actually go for something like that. My weed farm paid for itself & contributed to me being able to buy an office and vehicle warehouse. So I would be fine with just removing it without getting cash back. There are also clothes and stuff I would like to lose, just to de clutter menus.


As for pegasus, I was extra careful with that. Only bought stuff after testing & deciding I really liked it & would use it. So I only have my Buzzard, cargobob Jetsam, Besra, kraken.


So who would be on board with asking R* for a remove option, Something that just deleted clothes, property, pegasus vehicles, accessories....without getting any money back from it?

Edited by tommyguns
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Only way I'd even contemplate getting started with one of them is if I got the option to sell the whole thing when I wanted out - I hate the idea of being permanently saddled with things like an aircraft hangar, office, bunker, etc., and ...yay, great, I'm now stuck as some weird hodge-podge of CEO of a contraband racket (with a side-gig of repurposing exotic cars), CIA-sanctioned arms supplier, partner in an aerial smuggling operation with some tinfoil-hat conspiracy loon, and head of my own motorcycle gang, all at the same time. FOREVER. :sui:

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I never bought any of the MC businesses and likely never will. I would definitely sell the one crate warehouse that I own though, especially if it would rid my office of the clutter. The merchandise/contraband/whatever is quite ridiculous and it makes me anxious whenever I see it on the floor. I hate it and I have no desire to buy or sell crates ever again.


However, yes, it would be nice if we could sell anything and everything. Businesses, Pegasus vehicles, properties, clothing, even ourselves if we ever feel so inclined. I'd honestly take a 75% or more loss if I could clean out my closets and do away with all of the clothing I never use. I would even donate it to the homeless population of Textile City if it meant that I'd never have to scroll through it all again. I'd likely keep all of my garages and apartments though!


None of this will likely ever happen though. :(

Edited by -LN-
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Yellow Dog with Cone

Nope, too much money for you then, and Rockstar doesn't want that.

No offense, but these kind of replies in almost any topic about improving the game, not only shuts down any discussion, it also shows how conformist we have become. It's like we like to be ripped off at any chance.


IMO, we shouldn't give a flying f*ck about what Rockstar and Take Two wants, we should demand a better game and not the cashcow that GTAO was reduced to.


They have to listen to us, we should downvote GTAV in Steam again or something, I mean, it worked once right?

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Yes. I wish. For me, the bunker has got to go. Shutting it down is the best I can do. But like everyone else said, knowing R*, it's very unlikely for this to happen. Which leave me in regrets for purchasing the bunker and some Pegasus Vehicles after coming into a conclusion that I don't even use 'em at all. Damn you, R* 😒.

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I'd love to get rid of my Coke house.


It's utterly useless and the biggest waste of money I have spent.

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I only sell coke, so the biker business has been fine for me. I can see people who bought more than one biker business being disappointed.

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