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to people with the biker business

The Wandering Hunter

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The Wandering Hunter

so i do bunker sales after buying 1 supply bar and import export as fast as the cooldown lets me. in the gaps i do headhunter or something similar.


how could i fit mc in if atall?

i own coke so should i just buy supplees occasionally and sell at 1 bar?


last time i messed with mc, i decided stealing supplies was way too slow for my liking since the bar didn't even fill.


i do like the passive income play style of the bunker, with just a 75000 investment you get 210000 with basically no risk.

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I do exactly the same. I buy the supplies and sell the bunker goods made with one supply bar.


I do the same for the coke. Sell coke for instance instead of the "headhunter or something similar") between I/E every now and then.


I must say, many days I just ignore the coke business, you could also just leave it out entirely.

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Yeah, just buy supplies every so often instead of doing a Headhunter. NEVER do resupply missions, it's a complete waste of time.

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The Wandering Hunter

how much sale value does 1 resupply get me?

buying them i mean

Edited by The Sole Survivor
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About the same as the bunker. It used to be 2 supplies equals full product but now it seems its two and bit (1/5th of bar) to get full product. A full load sells for $420k so a half load (1 supply) will be $210k

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