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Best way to earn money solo

White Shark

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Hello all. What are people's best ways to earn money solo?


I'm not interested in glitches or anything else that requires relying on a second person to help out. I also don't want to do anyting like import/export and all of that stuff.


Just wondering if people have their own unique ways to earn a good amount of cash whilst still having fun! I'm really trying to earn money now that I finally saved enough to afford the Oppressor, but now to my frustration, I need to buy the workshop for my Mobile Command Centre before I can even modify the bike! Seriously? I've got a massive bunker, why the hell doesn't that come with it's own workshop as standard?! (R* Card Shark logic). Thanks in advance!

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Edit Since you dont glitch: Just do I/e. Premium races. Random heist etc. It all adds up lol

Edited by AH-6_BirdTurd
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Biker Forged documents+Smuggler's Run.


:lol: just kidding


Edited by Hécate-II
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Just to note, I won't do any glitces, solo or otherwise. Don't want R* having any kind of excuse to wipe my character.

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Camp near the warehouse or along the route and steal other folks' cars. Then sell them yourself.


Win races.


Buy Shark Cards for those on-tick purchases baby.

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The Wandering Hunter

find free dlc with cashcards




- the sole survivor of the random bank account wiping

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Just to note, I won't do any glitces, solo or otherwise. Don't want R* having any kind of excuse to wipe my character.


VIP Sightseer + Contact Mission combo is a good starter.


But for something better its Vehicle Warehouse.But for that you would have to own a CEO office, the warehouse and a Cargobob(since selling solo spawns NPC's to go after you so you use the cargobob to go high where they can't hit the car)But yeah that requires being solo in a public lobby aswell which can be archieved in different ways depending on platform.(and no technically its not considered cheating or glitching, so no fear of losing your character)

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Solo money glitch


this game is too old to be grinding at this point!

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CEO Crates / VIP headhunter with maybe some Import/Export


GR more difficult, meh payout.

SR higher difficulty almost demands 2+ people, meh payout.

Biker business, too much faffin around, coke pays ok, but even selling 1 or 2 bars takes as long as other bigger sales in Crates.


Best time profit one is CEO crates with headhunter/hostile takeover between sales and sometimes do import/export high end cars so you dont go crazy and can get a lil cash as you go.

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Start with one passive business, Counterfeit Cash is a good starter business. Cheap-ish to start. Fill up and let run. Sell after one full supply for less vehicles. MC businesses are also more forgiving if you don't make a drop in time or the vehicle gets destroyed. Leave if it's Post Ops. After that purchase Meth or Coke, then start upgrading.

If you can afford a bunker start there. Depending on upgrades $75K in supplies nets $220K and a single vehicle sell mission.


Do I/E only selling high end. During cooldowns run Headhunter/Sightseer.


Don't spend money on superfluous things. Shiny cars will always be there. If you want to spend money upgrade businesses and buy tools (Buzzard, Kuruma).

Edited by TheFroggmann
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If you're willing to hop right in I strongly suggest doing a contact mission "marathon" with a playlist of songs from past GTA games. You'll be surprised how well some fit the mood.

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You have bunker but not moc mod shop? How about research? Have you unlocked upgrades for oppressor? The road is long.


Since you don't like freemode business, heist is not solo, contact mission become your only choice.

Edited by idonknowhow
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I've made like 20 million from doing the Hostile Takeover > Headhunter > sell high-end car every twenty minutes for close to 150k. It adds up quickly.

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