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Obsession with owning things.


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I see a lot of people saying they wouldn't even consider a period-piece setting because they wouldn't be able to own new weapons and cars and wear modern clothes, etc. Is there an obsession with vanity in this generation that makes people value the contents of their inventory more than the immersive quality and atmosphere of the world and the amount of things to do?


Are we selling ourselves short for the illusion of progress in the form of seemingly lavish possessions? Ownership in a medium that was once focused on providing active experiences?

Has possession surpassed engaging fun? Is our fascination with shiny objects and large explosions limiting our creative vision?

At some point we have to ask ourselves, "what is more important to us?"

If you could only own two vehicles, stored in a safehouse of your choice, and one gun of each slot, but had an immense and engaging world with more things to do than you could imagine, would you take it?



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Idk man I just drink a lot of milk

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That's what Online did with the "community", at least. if they don't like a carefully crafted piece of art made to accurately represent an iconic era in crime, go back to GTA Online to buy 500 Shark Cards because a new update is comming and the new supercar that is the 584th Super in the game will coast a billion dollars, and you need to spend another billion dollars buying the casino to be able to buy it because that's how Rockstar works nowadays, just so you could drive it for a few seconds and be blown up by a Hydra, then be bored and never drive it again.

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The Time Ranger

A happy medium between ownership within the game and a quality, well crafted world and great gameplay would obviously be the ideal but to answer your question if I had to choose I'd prefer the well crafted world and great gameplay without the focus being on collectibles.


A lot of people like the Gtao model of saving up to buy the newest supercar and apartment, those things have become status symbols to strive for, I grinded this heist for hours and now I have a yacht, living the dream. Look at my garage full of high end vehicles. More power to them if they like it, it's just not my cup of tea.


I enjoyed buying propeties in Gta San Andreas, safehouses everywhere filled with high end cars, dressing CJ like a pimp for thousands of dollars, for me it was a cool addition but the fun gameplay, story, and great map to explore were the main selling points.


So is there an obsession with buying things? I'm not sure, I guess the only way to know for sure would be if Rockstar announced a Gta tomorrow with less focus on building a Scarface-esque lifestyle and more focused on other aspects, then you guage the reaction.


People like what they like, there's no wrong answers, I just hope the next Gta retains what got me interested in Gta in the first place. The Gtao model which may well become the norm doesn't really interest me. Regarding period pieces I'd like to see one, Las Venturas late 80's early 90's? Yes please, but when it comes down to it quality of game over setting.

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But they may also say the same to those who consider a period-piece over a modern setting. So, let's not act like period settings are superior to a modern setting. The problem isn't the setting in my opinion. It's the manner in which Rockstar approaches these modern settings that seem to lack a lot in comparison to their previous creations, which happens to be a period setting. Also, I don't consider 3D era settings as "period-piece setting" but somewhat modern as well.

Watch Dogs 2 is set in a modern setting and it's so much fun just like the old GTA's. Rockstar has lost the direction of their original creations with excess realism and limitations to player's freedom/creativity.

the GTA is no longer the same GTA that I used to enjoy. Setting isn't the issue for me.

Yeah, this wasn't really regarding the idea of a period piece. I had just noticed people's reasoning for NOT wanting a period piece and it made me think of this.

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