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Public Solo lobby after Smug Run DLC (PS4)


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Does anyone have any good options / fixes for getting a Solo public lobby?

I had been setting the MTU set to 650 or 700 but since the stupid update that seems to have been killed by R*.


(What is it will them hating on solo players, f*ckers)

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Killer Whale

Try 800. I've been getting empty lobbies every time. I don't know if this'll help, but disable the Proxy Server (the setting after the MTU).

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You could try changing the mtu, I had it changed yesterday at 700 worked perfectly.





Edit:try to access online more than once (the first time you will time out)

Edited by deadx23
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576 for me. Some players may get in, but 2/3 times I stayed alone for hours. The ones that did get in minded their own business as I minded mine.

Of course, it may take 2,3,4,10+ tries to get in.

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Just block (or blackhole) all outbound traffic from your console until everyone in the lobby leaves, usually takes a few seconds. Works every time.

Edited by UncleScrooge
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Still working with the usual 700 for me.But considering they tried to mess with us once again to prevent us from solo that means no more complementary Shark-card purchases from me for new content.


Suck on that R*, you can only blame yourselves for that.

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Strange Colors

Just use lag switch software or a real lag switch, it works every time without fail, and rockstar can NEVER patch it.


MTU method is trash and more time consuming, because you have to try different numbers, when rockstar tries to patch it.

Edited by Weird Colors
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