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Vapid Retinue should be in sports, Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic should be in muscles


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It's ridiculous that these two cars have been mis-classed, R* keep doing this and it's truly pissing me off at this point. It's the first time in ages that we finally get a new rally car that could compete with the Stirling GT, Kuruma, Omnis and Tropos in the sports class, especially since it has a low off-road traction loss of 0.4, JUST LIKE THE OMNIS AND TROPOS and yet R* go ahead and place it in the sports classics with the OP ferraris and lamborghinis? are you f*cking kidding me? This is absolute rubbish. Next is the Rapid GT Classic which is OBVIOUSLY a muscle car. It's based off a british muscle car and yet it's a sports classic too? What the hell? Why is R* placing all cars in either supers or sports classics now? Don't you think it's a little late in the game to start adding tones of random cars in sports classics?


If they're going to do this they should at least merge muscles, sports classics and sports as a whole because their logic makes no sense so why not, at least we'd have more cars to race with in the most used classes (well not sports classics because no one uses that class except a minority), stunt races are extremely popular too so why add more sports classics if they're going to be useless anyway? All the effort is going into the vehicles but they're going to be forgotten in a couple weeks unless they're available in more races like the sports and muscle races.


If you think this is total BS just like them then go here: http://www.rockstargames.com/GTAOnline/feedback


And email R* telling them to re-class the two vehicles, the Retinue to sports, and the Rapid GT Classic to muscles.


I won't stop nagging R* until I get what I want. Either re-class the cars or make them multi-class, they did it to the Stirling GT, they can do it to these two as well.



Got mine.




It's an absolute crime that we can't race this against any rally car besides the Stirling GT though.



R*, what R U smoking?



With those kind of mods,this thing should really be in the muscle class.


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R* logic strikes again. I'm ok with the Retinue, but Rapid GT Classic should have european mods only... No, it's not a Mustang.

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R* logic strikes again. I'm ok with the Retinue, but Rapid GT Classic should have european mods only... No, it's not a Mustang.

It is not a mustang



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It's not a muscle car, though - it's a ''''''''''muscle car''''''''''. Sure, the exterior design might deliberately lean more towards this:




...but fundamentally, it's an elegant grand tourer underneath all that, of a kind more like this:



If anything, R* probably could have gotten away with putting it in Coupes - although that class is such a badly-defined mess already, and IMO would probably be better off scrapped altogether (and replaced with GTA IV's 'Luxury' class instead).


As for the Retinue, that's more complicated, definitely. On the one hand, both it and the Tropos Rallyeare old enough to warrant putting in Sports Classics - but on the other, they're not out of place in Sports, either.

If I had my way, then yeah, I'd have done the same as the Stirling GT for both the Tropos and the Retinue: Sports Classics, but usable in Sports races as well. R* could still do that with the Retinue, in fact (and really ought to do similar for the Blista Compact, Moonbeam, Drift Tampa, etc.).

Edited by Commander S
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Just a quick note - I noticed that my Retinue was slower than my friends' despite all tune-ups being maxed out. I changed a few things on it and narrowed it down to having the front bumper with the four covered headlights. When I changed this the car became faster. Obviously an awful glitch by R*. Wondered if anyone else had noticed this?

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