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Rockstar Support

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Hi there,

I would like it to be noted that I informed the Rockstar support that I will be making all of this public. If it can spare someone heartache or teach them a lesson I will be happy.

So, recently there was a bonus on the gunrunning business sales. Double RP and money for sales. As such, I started grinding my a$$ off, doing nearly 100hrs in 2weeks. The following week when I entered the game, I recieved a notification that my bank balance has been adjusted. -$2.1mil. Needless to say I was pretty pi$$ed off. I contacted them and their response was a generic message explaining sweeping and the illigitimate gains were reversed. More pi$$ed off I informed them that I know that and that the person made a mistake. And the same from them. Pretty much everytime they send me the same BS and EVERY SINGLE TIME I ASK THE TO CHECK THE LOGS! But, almost a week later and still NOT ONCE DID THEY SAY THEY WILL LOOK INTO IT, NOT ONCE DID THEY PROVIDE ANY PROOF OF ILLEGITEMATE GAINS, AND NOT ONCE DID THEY REFUND ME. Today they closed my ticket after I told them I won't stop making and I will make it all public, so here it is. If anyone wants the evidence I will find a means to share it. The Rockstar support is shocking and appalling!

Sorry for the spiel, but I am beyond angry at this point. As many have stated, rather just cheat cause the hard working grinding guys get screwed over!

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