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Smuggler's Run: Most excited to buy............


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Is it bad that of all this SR DLC stuff I'm most excited for the MK1 Ford Escort look-a-like.


I hope there is a lot of customizing you can do to it. With a $615k base price it better be good.



(I am old'ish and from England so this may be part of me draw to the Escort also)

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it's dope, very cool looking ride! was not expecting it at all but definitely a welcome surprise

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Nah, I'm all for that lovely-looking Escort-a-like too... but then I am also old and from the UK.


Tax exempt though! ;)

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please stop me

pyro, batmogodambile oh yessssss HUNTERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

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I hope you all know that the Retuine (aka "Escort looking vehicle") is out and available to buy on Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


I'm looking forward to getting the Vigilante and the Cyclone.


I may get the Rapid GT Classic, we'll see.

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same, the only thing I'm half tempted to buy is the escort, we had a lot of escorts in the family when I was a kid, but at that price and with already owning around 50 cars I cant justify (just yet) of buying another car that I wont use.


aircraft wise, ive got a Cuban and dodo, and the helicopter on my yacht, what more do I need.

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I watched many YouTube videos today about the update & nothing interests me. I thought I'll buy a hanger purely for the ability to spawn aircrafts but sometimes they spawn so far away that I don't see the point.

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So far not too impressed. Some of the aircraft is fun but not really at it's current price. However, I am itching to get my hands on that 77ish V8 Vantage car. Just love the lines on those things.

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Havok. I've alwYs wanted a zippy little helicopter that relied on speed, manoeuvreability and countermeasures to get the job done rather than brute force. The Buzzard always seemed overpowered for CEO type organisations.


The ultralight looks like fun too.

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