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character respawn zones?


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Question to Sektor or anyone who might know something about this. What determines where the character gets respawned after he dies or gets busted? I need to know the wasted/busted areas for each respawn zone. I tried Epic GTA2 Map Editor where I can look up the respawn zones, but nothing about what dying busted areas are connected to them.

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They are zones in the gmp files. It's just a list that is cycled each time you die and it goes back to the first repawn location when it gets to the end of the list. You can view those areas with a zone editor. It's not random or location based, it's just the same cycle each time.


edit: I'm not sure about busted, I noticed some gmp files don't even have arrest restart zones, so I don't how that works.

Edited by Sektor
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That is weird, if I die in the water in downtown I always get respawned in the restart1 zone, even if I got busted inbetween. Also I killed myself with molotovs at restart2 and restart6 zones. Dying nearby restart2 repawned me at restart6 whereas when I died in restart6 and flew south I got respawned at restart2 and if I flew north at restart1. There has to be some fixed area which determines where you spawn.

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Maybe it's just multiplayer/network mode that death ignores location and always uses the same respawn location order.


Singleplayer does seem to change respawn zone based on location but I'm not sure of the exact method.

Edited by Sektor
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I also tested getting busted a little, nothing cycles through, I get respawned in the same area each time. Maybe in multiplayer it is different I don´t know, but in singleplayer i get the same results. It must be somewhere in the scripts right?

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It's not in the scripts since you still have all the same restart zones with an empty script. If you get busted and there are no arrest restart zones then I think it picks one of the normal restart zones. It then spawns a cop car on a nearby road and puts you there. You can even see the GTA2 Radar arrow move from a restart zone to a nearby cop car.

Edited by Sektor
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Hm, yeah I just tried it in downtown with the radar on and indeed the arrow goes to a restart zone and then to the police car nearby. Although the map editor shows that there are some arrested restart zones in completely different areas in downtown, but maybe they just work in multiplayer. Well it kinda sucks that there doesn´t seem to be a way to find out the dying locations, testing that manually will take forever. :/

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I don't know if arrest respawn zones are actually used by the game.


For normal respawn zones, I think it spawns you at the nearest one when you die but it excludes the most recent spawn location. If that is true then it's just a matter of calculating nearest zone, exclude most recent spawn if that is the nearest and hopefully that should predict the next spawn.

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No, you always end up in the same restart zone if you die at a certain location. As for getting busted after testing a little bit more the locations seem to be the same as for getting wasted. You get respawned on a nearby road (doesn´t have to be the same road btw) in a cop car and if there are too many of them spawned it can happen that you will get respawned at the normal restart zone instead inside a car.

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