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Help, Fatal Error when launching the game

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So basically, today I wanted to play GTA V and when I tried to run the game (this is on PC), I was prompted with two updates (I think one was around 1GB, the second one was smaller...but I'm not exactly sure). But the problem now is that I can't run the game anymore because I get the following error:


FATAL: Unknown game version, check http://dev-c.com for updates





Supported versions: (a whole bunch of GTA V versions)


The message looks like this (not my screenshot): http://imgur.com/GFdHslC


What I'm getting from this is that the Scripthook isn't compatible with the new update but I really need my mods to play and I don't really care about GTA Online anymore either so how would I downgrade the game? Would it work if I copied my friend's game installation folder (assuming he hasn't updated his game to the latest version yet) or should I just simply reinstall the game? Or is this error connected to something else?

I'd really appreciate some help because this problem is really annoying! :panic::cry:

Edited by GameHacker666

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Just have to wait for them to update scripthook. Easy as that. Well...as easy as waiting is.

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Okay, so does anyone know how long it usually takes them to update scripthook?

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Okay, so does anyone know how long it usually takes them to update scripthook?

No, It can be several hours to several days for AB to fix the scripthook to work with current update.


Bookmark his THREAD on here for future references the scripthook will ALWAYS BREAK every time there is a new GTA V PC update so remember to remove it after each new update as the game won't launch until you have the updated version

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