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Character appearance changed for no reason...


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I just went to look at my online profile to find my characters facial features & hair style has been changed, I did not change this myself, I haven't logged into online this morning, just ran the update & turned my PC off, anyone else had this?




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pics ok no problem & no I'm not lieing! XD



On the left what my character looks like now, On the right what my character looked like before, I did not change my character's appearance at all!

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Update, my character remains unchanged ingame but the thumbnail pic is still like the one of the left on the character wheel & on my online profile.. weird....

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It's a bug with something in Social Club. The picture for my character will mess up like that sometimes. It should look normal again the next time it updates.

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Thankyou for your response, I just had a quick look at my character ingame & appears normal, I changed to another saved outfit, the character change wheel is now back to normal as well & the pause menu thumnail was normal too, online profile still bugged.. when you say update you so you mean next Tuesday? as in server side update?





edit: online profile back to normal too.. phew.....

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The picture on thumbnail is a "default shape" face. This shape activates automatically when your character wears a mask to avoid clipping.

Still no idea why thumbnail is different from your original character.

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Well it would appear it's all back to normal now.. aDigitalPhantom said it's just a little social club bug.. possibly a caching issue with their site?

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