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MOTOR WARS (AdvMo) - Thoughts?


Recommended Posts

MOTOR WARS is a Last Team Standing / Vehicle DM








You start in a Cargobob way up high with only a Pistol. You parachute down into a really big circular combat zone. Multiple city blocks wide.

There are many weaponized vehicles scattered around, along with heavy weaponry.


The deal is to take out the opposing team. However, every minute that goes by, the combat zone circle shrinks.


You NEED a full lobby here, the maps are far too big for smaller lobbies. I played with 24 others and it still seemed too big. Once the circle shrinks it gets a bit more intense but that takes too long.


Decent effort - 6/10

Maps need to be smaller and more full of weaponry/vehicles












Edited by sleepwalk1980
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I actually kind of like this one. I can see myself playing it when I'm bored.


First time I've said that about an adversary mode.

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So it's a GTA take on King of the Kill/PUBG?



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Non Funkable Token

As in Dawn Raid, the chuting part shouldn't be here IMO. Things would be faster without it, and easier to get teamwork.


Kinda meh.

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Sounds like some sort of battle royal/pubg type of mode. Quite interesstinhg if Im honest, i might try it out tomorow.

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Haven't played it yet so no opinion, but it looks interesting.

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Seemed fun enough just as a way to mindlessly fight over vehicles, shoot at things and all without really caring about whether you win or lose.


Too many vehicles that require two people in them to fight, though. No fun to play when you're either going to sit in the AA trailer and be driven around by a rank 20 with no driving skill, or drive around said level 20 and do more damage by ramming your opponents than he does by shooting.


The pistols seem fairly useless though, I found most of the time the most they'd do is inflict some scratches on your opponents before they overwhelm you with gunfire from 2-3-4 miniguns/50cals/other things. I'm not good enough at shooting to actually hit drivers with it :p


One last thing, the city center map around maze bank... you can cheese it by parachuting on top of maze bank tower. Unless there's a helicopter spawn I missed, there's no way to get the person who's camping up there if you've already landed below.

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i tried to play it earlier and i enjoyed it my team won the 1st round but when we went to the 2nd round it crashed on me with a message about it's "unable to restart".

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It's sh*t. I got destroyed within seconds and I couldn't respawn so I just left the session.

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As with most Adversary Modes, this one sounds pretty stupid... but less so than usual, and seems like it might be the right brand of stupid to grab my interest.


This being R* though, the mechanics of it could well be executed so badly that it doesn't.


I'll give this one a go this week, and reserve final judgment until then.

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Lemoyne outlaw

i think its fun. i was a gunner on an insurgent and i was doing good. the driver was good too. we won first round and on the second i got a kill with the pistol. so at least its good for something. i can definitely see myself playing this a lot.

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mmm sounds interesting, would test it tomorrow...


it would be my first pvp experience in over 2 months so, im ready to get rekt hahaha

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It's not really like PUBG, besides the whole circle thing. It's all about the vehicles hence the name "Motor Wars". Once you get the armored Tampa with the dual miniguns you are set to win.

Edited by Switch
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Played the map in the hills north of the city, people quickly realised the way to win these is to grab some weapon pickups then camp somewhere. In this case it was the observatory. Most of the vehicles provided have no explosive capabilities so you can't do much to them.

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I really like this mode! I wish that the location markers didn't show for weapons/vehicles until someone got close, with that little tweak this would be amazing. I've only had a few rounds of it with 6 people but I could see 24 people being epic as f*ck.

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I've had a lot of fun with this mode. It been filling up too. Have yet to play with less than 20 people.


Interesting that most, myself included seemed to use the Bravado Halftrack as the go to. The Tampa was kind of the oh sh*t my gunner/driver is dead need to find a Tampa so I can solo it.

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Wait. So you can still see everything and everyone on the minimap?

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Not a fan, but that's because I don't really like the vehicular combat in GTA. If it was ground combat focused I'd be more into it

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Wait. So you can still see everything and everyone on the minimap?

Yeah, map blips should be disabled for this mode, what's the point if everyone can see where everyone else is? Can you imagine if PUBG or other similar games just showed other players on a minimap all the time? It would completely suck, and this mode does suck. Also, team balancing is sh*t(though this probably isn't specific to this mode), I played and my whole team quit after the first round. You'd think the game would rebalance the teams between rounds to make it even again but nope, it started the second round with me alone on the orange team against 3 other teams of four.

Edited by 79'Blazer4x4
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I really enjoy this. The only issues come from the usual "let's all crowd onto one team" mentality that the helmets abide by. No, guys, I wanna play with the friends I joined in with. Get off my dxck.

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Its actually pretty fun with 4 full teams. I like adversary modes like these

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sucks because paper tampa(+horrible handling) and the worst is you cant hit the gunner in the AA gun from the front. horrible unbalanced.


rebel and buggy are 100% useless as expected. they should remove them so the noobs cant use these

Edited by nofakenews
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