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Rapid GT Classic Discussion


Recommended Posts

Not based on any Mustang at all? I think we've all noticed that Rockstar will take more than two real life cars and make one for GTA. As an avid car enthusiast and Aston Martin/James Bond affcianado the Rapid GT Classic is quite clearly based on the 1970s/80s era Aston Martin V8/V8 Vantage, just as I would argue that some influence comes from the Jenson Interceptor III, I would argue there are some small details that seem Mustang-esq. Now somebody keeps posting photos of a 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby, that's not the car I would argue the Rapid GT Classic takes any influence from. Look at the tail lights of the the Rapid GT Classic and then look at the tail lights of a 1968 Mustang, not the Shelby with the wide tail lights but a standard 1968 Mustang. That's what I would argue those tail lights on the GT Classic are inspired by.


Side rant; How could you look at the Aston Martins of the late 1960's and say that they were not at all influenced by American Muscle Cars? They're gorgeous cars in their own right but it's quite obvious where the inspiration came from, besides it will be as close as we get to a Classic Mustang until Rockstar comes out with the Domimator Classic.

The Shelby is always the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "Mustang" because I watched Gunsmith Cats as a kid, and Rally Vincent (and her Shelby Mustang) blew my mind. I'm not a Mustang fan/enthusiast, but the resemblance to that generation of Mustang is there in the Rapid GT Classic's overall shape. And the hood/side stripes are a less-than-subtle nod to that car as well, IMHO. I've never disputed that the car was based primarily on an Aston Martin, but the idea that the Mustang was also used for inspiration when designing this car ignited some unforeseen powder keg. As a result, the Los Santos Department of Transportation turned up en masse to proclaim that this car was 100% non-Mustang, despite the fact that the cars that they [rightfullly] insist that the car is based on are, in and of themselves, not 100% non-Mustang... :/

Edited by We Are Ninja
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How did I miss this!!?!?! Looks amazing. Its like a 60s Mustang, Aston Martin DBS (60s version) and Aston Martin V8 Vantage (80s) rolled into one.

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I think the real shame here is that this one won't be weaponized, and we won't be able to make that quip about having "optional extras installed"

You gotta be f*ckin kidding man

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It looks nice, but I wish it was based off Shelby GT500 Eleanor with elements from DBS and not the other way around. Plus it's a sports classic and not a muscle car, so the engine is gonna sound just weak. Well, maybe another time. Hopefully.

Edited by Matadorro
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looks more to be based on the 1978 aston martin v8 vantage, my favourite car :-) if so, theres only one colour for this to be, british racing green.


I'm gonna try to match mine to Bond's Vantage from The Living Daylights,




oh my god.....it's so beautiful

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TG_Stig makes every car in this game look great.I think he might low-key working for r*, them photos make you want to buy several versions of each new DLC car.

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the J is for Julia

The Shelby is always the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "Mustang" because I watched Gunsmith Cats as a kid, and Rally Vincent (and her Shelby Mustang) blew my mind.

Hell. Yes.


This thing is so getting a baby blue coat of paint with a white racing stripe when I get my hands on it.

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This beauty is first on the list of drip fed vehicles for Legendary Motorsport. Last time this happened, the Vagner was released. Let's hope we get this on Tuesday.

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I didn't catch if it's been mentioned yet but does anyone know the price? Expecting it to be at least 500k but hoping it's not over a million.

It's $885.000.



Thanks, appreciate it.

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A little disappointing in sounds. No offense to Mach :lol: but brutish British coupes tend to sound like American muscle cars but better. Dunno what happened here.

You and I have very different tastes in sounds. Thats ok though lol.


What I consider a good muscle car sound-


This is how every single muscle car in game should sound. Not necessarily all the same but with full upgrades they should all sound and go like beasts.
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ETA on this car?

if it releases on Tuesday, then 4 days. If.


It's the first in line from Legendary Motorsport (ahead of the Cyclone), and by my estimate, R* will need to put out both Legendary Motorsports things before October 17th, in order for the drip-feed (including unreleased Elitas/Warstock planes) to line up with releasing the Vigilante ahead of the Halloween weekend.


With that being the case, I'd say the Cyclone will probably come at the beginning of October, and the GT Classic some time this month (sooner would be better, obviously! ;)).

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I really hope this thing comes out first, its literately the only thing im waiting for, everything else can eat a bigg dicc

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Understated and gorgeous! What's the handling like on this? Tail happy or glued to the road? Thanks.

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Thoses aren't Mamba wheels, those are actual Shelby wheels. Much better lol. Looks great.

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Say what you will about where it draws the most influence, I think this car will make a lot of people happy on both sides of the American / European fence.


R* has really improved the aesthetics and overall quality of these DLC cars, and i'm pretty stoked that this not only seems to have a bunch of mod options but a custom interior and the "new model" blower. I was pretty dissapointed that the Elegy Retro (an otherwise great looking car) re-used all of the interior mods from the Sultan RS. I would rather have a custom interior without the Benny's stuff if it meant that the interior was actaully new and i'm glad that's the case with this car.

Edited by meat_popsicle
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please stop me

Could we get some good shots of the engine poppin out customisation option? Also, any gritty/mad max style liveries?

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