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Rapid GT Classic Discussion


Recommended Posts

Rapid GT Classic

Sports Classics


Everything else from the 80s has aged. The Rapid GT Classic has only matured. Like a fine claret or a really good boob job, each passing year adds something mysterious to its allure. Sure, that new sports coupé is half the weight, and it has a cleaner transmission. But trust us: get inside this vintage, experience the kind of technique and self-assurance only time can bestow, and you'll never waste your time on a younger model again.



Pic credit - Carrythxd




Edited by D.B. Cooper
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That interior looks brillant. It's great how R* has been sharpening up their act when it comes to interiors recently.


Apart from the trim colour issues with the Torero, Ardent etc of course.

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Holy mother of f*ck someone's getting murdered if this is drip fed

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Professional Amateur

The interior is especially delish, praying that it's colourable




Can't get the picture to post properly, sorry :(




There you go.


The interior looks quite good.


Nice choice for a classic Dewbauchee, I'm looking forward to this car.

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Yep, this is exactly what I wanted. Thank God they didn't recycle the generic muscle car interior like they did with the Mamba.

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Kinda looks like a jenson interceptor with how long it is

Yeah some interceptor and first gen v8 vantage looks

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Lovely model, such a shame it's not a muscle class vehicle because, well, it is a muscle vehicle. With the popularity of stunt races I feel this car will soon become forgotten because R* have neglected majority of the vehicle classes for too long and in the process have ruined the Sports Classics class rendering most of the vehicles completely useless. I'm extremely salty over this car and the Retinue because neither of them should be sports classics, they should be muscles and sports, or at least multi-class like the Stirling GT.

Edited by N R G
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Eh, it's just fine in Sports Classics, IMO - makes sense for an older tourer. Either that, or since it's a bit more luxurious with the wood interior, it could have worked in Coupes, too (since that really ought to have been renamed 'Luxury', like the GTA IV racing class).

Muscle in GTAO is more fitting for US vehicles - again, it's more like GTA IV's 'American Classics', since there's a bunch of other stuff in there that strictly isn't proper 'muscle'.

Pleasantly surprised by the GT, though - V8 Vantage with a Jensen Interceptor front makes a lot of sense (considering that they're the two most notable British tourers with a more muscle car-ish look to them). And that interior, though... :monocle:

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The list of the mods:


Thanks WildBrick!

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^ Sex on wheels. The glorious Jensen Interceptor and the 80s V8 Vantage rolled into one package. Instant buy when it's released, screw the performance.

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This is the closest to the Dominator C we are gonna get Mach :(



Yes, yes I know its based on the Aston and etc.

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This is a must have, for sure!

Will look nice sitting besides my Cossie!


And for ONCE, the steering wheel is not blocking the dials! GREAT!!

Edited by Pedinhuh
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This is the closest to the Dominator C we are gonna get Mach :(



Yes, yes I know its based on the Aston and etc.


Counterpoint: could well have said that about the rally mods for the Warrener - a lot of people said the same about that, and 'it's basically an Escort' (which ...it isn't, but whatever).


Now, we've actually got a proper Escort - hopefully that means that sorta-not-quite Mustang things like this and the Tampa don't preclude a proper classic Mustang eventually. And the same for a decent RX-7 thing, rather than people slapping Tokyo Drift decals on the Banshee 900R and squinting really hard... :sigh:

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Well, this is a pleasant surprise...

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