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Any one hate how there is much wasted space on boats?


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Take the Marquis boat for example. the poop deck is the only place you can enter. However there is still 20 feet of unused space in front of you. Any one notice this?

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All sandbox games have this kind of idiosyncratic properties to their large vehicles like yachts, limos, and buses. At some point attention to detail simply has to give way to the kind of huge content we have all become accustomed to in GTA games. Would it be nice if huge yachts and such made more optimal use of space, as you are suggestion? Sure. But I think that there is a point of diminishing returns where developers would have to shift focus away from more big picture stuff as well as the stunning detail there already is in a game like V, in order to really delve into such arguably trivial details as optimizing space on things like yachts.

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I can safely say that I could play this game for a million hours and would never hate the fact that there is "20 feet of unused space" in front of my boat... :sarcasm:

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I think is fine as it is. For GTAVI, it would be cool if it has mini activities inside like in the Luxor/Swift deluxe where you could have a drink or stuff like that.

Also by adding the flag FLAG_HAS_REARSEATS_ACTIVITIES (or something like that, its a flag present in the Toro) you can seat in one of the passenger seats by holding F

Edited by gunziness
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The unused space is actually reserved for future DLC.

Kenny Loggins DLC confirmed.

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Cutter De Blanc

It's a Yacht, man! Get up and walk around, stretch your legs, have a martini, throw grenades at sharks. Boats are fun.

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