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A more reasonable opponent.


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While many of your GTA Online Characters continue to climb in power, or just continue being the middle man with new equipment like some of you will always say, it feels as if there is no one on the opposing side that is dedicated enough to stopping us. By opposition, I mean the "good guys", not competing criminals.


So that's where the one man that Rockstar went out of there way to personally insult back in GTA III and further, with the series doing the same to GTA in return, with a parody of Tommy Vercetti known as Timmy Vermicelli. The first Character from the first series considered somewhat of a competition for GTA in the first place, even though it came first.


That would be John Tanner from the Driver series.







So, had your Character not be aware that this man was looking to bring your Organization and/or Motorcycle Club down and everything with it from the start, how long would it take for your Character to realize he's after you and what impact would it have on your Character's work? How would your Character take him down if he even could?



(Yes, John Tanner is a reasonable opponent for our Character, he's not a World Class Government Agent or Highly Trained assassin amongst the likes of Solid Snake and Agent 47, so no, I do not believe we would be "inferior" to him to the highest extent.

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That would be particularly interesting. I'd like it, give my character a run for his money officially, having someone looking into him. I'd have to say my character wouldn't be able to get rid of him unless it was absolutely necessary, and would have a hard time linking him to his past, but an easy time digging it up: due to his street name and the legend he left with it.


So I'd be all for it, just for the rush, and the cat and mouse.

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The Wandering Hunter

new dlc: you must kill this guy who's surrounded with rooftop rumble ai in a train tunnel in 1 minute or robocop will come and take all your sh*t


no thanks

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I would love if GTA VI had multiple protagonists again that one of them is a cop.

He or she is the morally good one, the sane voice

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He's definately a good competition, but no match for a cyborg or a hotchick. :p

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Im imagining annoying phone calls coming with LJT frequency, its our new opposition telling us they are coming for us. At least that would be better than LJT getting me killed in a firefight.


That said, I like the idea of a singular enemy that we can put a name to. Maybe he randomly shows up in freemode to kill you. As long as he let me be during sourcing and sales, I think I could enjoy that.

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I see no other alternative.



He's the Hero Los Santos deserves...

Edited by eyman
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