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Most common car in traffic


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Strangely enough I always see Sultans driving around, yet when I need one (before you could just buy one), they are never there.

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I haven't stop to look in current generation, but on last gen it's the Karin Asterope

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Well, from time to time, it shuffles. Like I'll see lots of Asteropes, and the next would be Issi that spawns more often after in-game time passes. Or the Vigero spawns a lot, and later on it would be a Zion Cabrio, or a Surge. But I'll have to say that the Issi is the most common to me at this point.


Sometimes, it may vary on certain locations you go.

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Definitely the Zion. God, I hate that thing.

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That ugly ass Prius copy Dilettante.I see that thing everywhere,in the rich parts of the city,in the ghetto,in Blaine County...Maybe I'm overreacting because I'm sick of it,but I feel like 20% of the cars on the streets are Dilettantes.

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For me, it's got to be the Radius. I see those things everywhere.

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For me it's between the Cavalcade SUV, Rusty Tornado, Asterope, Radius and Stratum (when ur not looking for it)

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it's so boring when there's only 2-3 models spawning all over the place.. or is it a bug? :lol:

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