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RM-10 Bombushka Appreciation Thread


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Recently bought mine as i learned that you CAN use the cargo bay, as long as you leave out half the vehicle modifications (what blew my mind is that even a livery blocks the cargo door?! wtf R* at least armor makes some vague kind of sense, but livery?!?!?!) but was sad to find out we cant even go inside that detailed interior? well apart from when the cockpit is full anyway. I wish we could just get in the back like we can in an Avenger (hold use-btn) or like how it works with some of the planes (hold vehicle-enter-btn when outside for a few seconds to hop in the back)

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5 hours ago, Willy A. Jeep said:


That's a great looking Bombushka. 👍


It really sucks that Rockstar decided to mess with the cargo bay. I wish we could at least use liveries and keep the bay functional.


Just last week I've used my Bombushka several times to complete four bikes MC sales. Mine is just solid blue like this: link.

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